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Tears of Phoenix

Updated on April 30, 2017

With the dawn comes the tide,
With the little girl no feelings to hide.
Out of the blue she was born
Who knew she was going to be torn?
In the bushes and in the ground
She was impossible to be found;
In the sea-saw and in the swing
She played like a fairy with a wing,
Then she grew up like a princess
With her parents giving her perfect linience.
And then she realised the thing sour as lime,
Famous in the world by the name of Time.
It kisses all elements with its ruinous lip,
She thought of having it as a helpful tip.
Then came the moonless night dark enough,
For her life to get too much tough.
Like the blood red rose to get pale
She never knew that her innocence was going to fail.
They plucked each petal with a sloshed mind
Such a ruthless mentality ,nowhere to find.
Every nerve torn and her eye's tear
Made her shout and increased her fear!
Every rip of her heart broke like a house of card
To keep faith in God became too hard.
They left her out there in the dark
She crippled in the ground with no one to help;
With great effort she rose with a spark
In the lonely place,confidence came from ownself!
Days passed by,curse hurled upon her
Like an eclipse it became too dark.
But then she raised her voice,
To let the other girls live with their own choice.
She was a brightened ray of the Sun
Against the eclipse,shining with fun.
From the ashes she was born
Not to let the other innocent girls to get torn;
She was the Phoenix of the fantasy books
Guided by her experience and her outlook.


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