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teen love

Updated on March 2, 2010

This compilation of three poems were written in 2002 when I was about 16-17. Oh, the young teenage emotions when you're in "love."  He was too crazy, for even ME.

puppy love ( l.)

this wretched pain, this feeling i get

it only brings back memories i'll never forget

the day you left, you said good-bye

all i could do was sit and cry

i went to the place where we first met

walked down to the shore and got my feet wet

the water, the course sand, my heart just melts

your touch, your look, the way love felt

reminisce ( ll. )

when this love was lost, i heard this song

it made me think of you...

remember when you called me boo?

i really do...miss you

i should have known all along

that what you felt was gone

you have someone new in your life

maybe someday she'll be your wife

or maybe she'll break your heart like you broke mine

so don't crawl back, don't even try

here comes the night ( lll. )

the most beautiful hues you've ever seen

just below the cast of the trees

one wonders how something so magnificent happens only once a day

the clouds are dark lilac while the sky just beyond is a rainbow of colors

the sun makes its last appearance while it sits on the turquoise ocean

dinner time is close as the night wakes up

the sunset is replaced with a sparkling canvas

engulfed with gas-filled diamonds and a bright star headlight


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