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Ten Dragon Tails - A Review

Updated on April 26, 2014

Shopping at one of my favorite places to find bargain books, I looked on a shelf and saw the simple yet attractive cover of this book staring down at me.

The pops of orange, green, blue and red on the neutral background caught my attention first, and the dragon silhouettes held my eye even longer. The title, "Ten Dragon Tails" was not particularly memorable or catchy, but it certainly got the point across.

If you could not guess it from the title, this book is a collection of ten short stories. Each story has something to do with a dragon.

While reading the stories I will admit to being a little disappointed. While every story has a dragon in it somewhere, not every story is actually ABOUT the dragon.

In "Legacy" there is a friendly mother dragon, who is friends with a teacher and his students. They all live on the island of Atlantis....and something bad is happening there.

In "Quetzalcoatl" a dragon leaves its cold home and moves somwhere warmer. It is befriended by a mentally slow young Aztec man.

"The Wall" is one where the dragons in the story are mentioned, but don't really play a big part. It seems to be about a mentally unstable Emperor, and the building of the Great Wall of China.

In "Pomegranate" two innocent young people have lived with and been tutored by a dragon. Their world is changed when a group of travelers camp near their well, and start teaching them a new religion.

In "Plague" a man is tried for witchcraft after claiming to have seen a dragon climb out of the city well.

There is a dragon in "Celestial Wisdom" but is about royal Privateer's taking things for the Queen Elizabeth.

"Irinova Remembers" is about a young girl remembering the young man she was once in love with, and the dragon that changed their lives forever. It is one of the longer stories in the book, and could have probably been turned into a novel or novella of its own.

"Beautiful Origin" has a dragon in it, but mostly as a background prop. Its about the McCracken sisters and the Chinese men they hired to do their garden and their laundry. The ending of it wasn't quite what I expected.

"The Place Between" reads mostly like a romance. A love triangle when a third person shows up. The dragon doesn't appear until the very end of the story.

Then there is "Nessie" which is the last story in the book and easily my favorite. A young boy staying with his grandfather near Loch Ness is infatuated with the idea of the Loch Ness "monster." Then he and his grandfather see her together. And I bet you can't guess what she turns out to be!

Dragon Scales, Dragon Tales
Dragon Scales, Dragon Tales

Having only scratched the surface of dragon lore in her first book, Candy Taylor Tutt penned a second collection of dragon tales.


Ten Dragon Tails was the 22nd book I finished reading in 2014.

To see a list of everything I read in 2014 check out my Reading List 2014


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      marsha32 3 years ago

      If I could get my husband to read books this one sounds like one he would be interested in reading.