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Lesson Six: Ten Things You Should Never Say On Your First Date

Updated on May 5, 2010

Suppose you have managed to pick up a girl. Here are 10 things you should never say to her on your first date, unless you also want it to be your last date. If you want it to be your last date, these are wonderful things to say.

Never Say

1. Do you take credit cards?

2. Try not to embarass me in the restaurant, okay?

3. I can tell that you want me.

4. That dress is the wrong color for you. It makes you look like a loaf of rye bread.

5. Let's go to my house and practice making my bed.

6. Well, you 're not going to win any beauty contests.

7. It's about this rash on my groin. . .

8. Be a sport. Try to undo my belt with your teeth.

9. You have great legs. They remind me of Popeye.

10. Hey, I'm not ashamed of my blackheads, either.

And Thus Concludes Lesson Six

This was number six in a ten part lesson about how a young man can successfully obtain a date with a lady.

We've discovered how to pursue the lady, and what to say and what not to say, but what if she isn't all that you've hoped for? Next we learn: How To Get Rid Of A Girl After Sex.

Here are the previous five lessons in case you missed them:

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    • R3dcougar profile image

      R3dcougar 7 years ago from Ireland

      These are very good...but my all time favourite was when a bloke said to me "You remind me of my mother". BUZZ KILL!