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the Answers Are Unknown...Yet Still I Write.

Updated on January 3, 2010


The answers are unknown yet still I write.



What are we?
Are we really just a

collection of tissues,
and systems that move energy

around our bodies for approximately

25,00 days and nights, only to stop forever?


Is it energy we serve or does energy serve us?

life surely must hold more then this.

Our lives are a breathing history
of billions of impressions

of taste, touch, sight,

smell, sound and



We are able to

distinguish between ten

trillion subtelities of light, one trillion sounds

and countless other sensations. But what about our souls?

Those unfathomable,

non-medically established,
invisible..yet incredibly sensitive

unknown entities, that we treasure more then life itself.


Men have sold their souls to find greater achievments...and

only became lesser beings for it. Our souls give us the rich

visions of divine powers, the ability to communicate on a

higher level then mere thought, and a glimpse of

understanding towards the vanities of life.


Our souls which are
the direct cause for our claims

of a broken heart.. when all the while

our heart is beating healthy and strong.


But then what of love? That ever so elusive...

misunderstood, uncomparably beautiful and yet

sadly tragic feeling we are all compelled to share.


Love which was

meant to be channeled from

our souls but has all too often been fed
from less important areas. Is this why we are living
in a love-starved world? Are we neglecting to search
our souls before falling in love? Or do we just neglect
to feed love from our souls?


I know that my brain is
like a computer...with vast memory banks

and it would be impossible to duplicate on any man-made scale.

I also know that my heart is a generator and pump for the fuel
that keeps my body and brain going. and without energy

neither one can function. But what of my soul?

Does it belong to me

to dispose of in any way I see fit?
Is it just a gift that must someday be

returned for it's failure to reach me fully?

Or is it a small guardian implanted by God at birth

to help me overcome the futile workings of my all to human mind?


Did he bless us

with an escape mechanism

from the chains of our self-destructive lives,

and mortal giving us a soul?


I like to think

of the soul as a key

to what lies beyond.
But what of love?

I must admit i still know little.
For each experience has been

a relearning process.


No two loves have been alike. though at times

I still find myself comparing them..who am I too judge?

I only know that it is the one elusive joy that I cannot deny myself.

It is the one mystery that I must strive to always understand.

Then I must share

my understanding with others,

especially those who have either been

misunderstood or misled.


It can never be understood by just one alone...

not even by love of one's self... fortunately.

For without another soul who is also

seeking love's mysteries it can

only be a dark path

to loneliness.


And loneliness is

the easiest feeling to understand.

We spend 50% of our lives alone. It needs no explanation.


Perhaps I am

just a membrane stretched

between two universes...the outer and the inner...

but still I live...and still I dream.

And if all of the lived and dreamed parts

were shed from me...what would be remain.....


The awareness

of a fading song
an amber light
a whisper of love
an unfinished poem
a cry of loneliness
and the softness

of your kiss

I love you!






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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      i felt on the receiving end of the last few lines thanks, i love this it is brilliant..... you are something special, and am glad you are on hubpages. cannot promise to read all your work, but will have a good try...... peace and love

    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      wow... why don't you try asking the deep questions! LOL!

      Idk for sure what a soul is... one can only contemplate... but I think it's a chunk of God. Just a tiny fleck that he gives to each of us to. Collectively, we embody God, the highest power. Alone, we are merely an aspect...

      that's just my opinion :)

      I love this write!


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