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The Betrayal

Updated on October 7, 2017

The Betrayal

The streets were cold and damp; people were celebrating without understanding or reason. I had no reason not to be celebrating! I could feel the anger building deep inside me, burning deep inside. I keep thinking about his words, how they cut me to the quick. I couldn’t believe his audacity; to make a comment like that, and in front of everyone. How could he have said those things? He should know me bette;, he saw what I did for him, I would have stood in front of anyone in his defense; even die for him.

I wiped the sweat off my brow with the back of my hand, and wiped it on my shirt. I guess I’m tired and a bit hungry. I hardly ate anything back there. After what happened in the park…well, I guess I don’t really have an appetite after all.

It was a long way from there and, running away the way I did, took a lot out of me. But what else could I do? I tried to stop what was happening, but how could I? They might have thought it more of an atonement to repute what he said? Even when we went to the park I tried to convince him. Everyone believed the worst. I saw the look in their eyes; they all believed his words as truth. My friend, my best friend, and after all we’ve been through!

I continued walking down the narrow alley. I didn’t want to see anyone. I just wanted to be alone. The breeze was chilling me to the bone and I left my coat at the tavern. Getting all hot and sweaty running like that, I might catch my death. Ha! What do I care? That might be the best thing that could happen! Maybe I should just crawl in a hole somewhere and die, would anyone miss me. I suppose after what he said, the way they were looking at me; they wouldn’t have missed me with anything they could throw at me! I thought they were my friends, but they looked at me like I was a stranger. I wish I could put it all behind me, all of it behind me. I scuffed my feet in the sand and gravel, stubbing my toe on a stone. I felt it begin to throb. I kept moving; my mind is spinning. I feel so confused. What can I do, how will I face everyone again?

Thunder was rumbling off in the distance, it might start raining again. Was I feeling sorry for myself, was this some kind of self pity? No; no it wasn’t’ I‘m right to feel this way. I’ll show him who’s right and who’s not! After all who does he think he is, Ha! I guess I know the answer to that!

Wow; listen to me, reacting this way. What’s gotten into me? He’s my friend, my best friend! And we have been through a lot! I wonder what he’s thinking now. He’s all alone I should be with him! Maybe after things cool down a bit and get back to normal. Hopefully he’ll be back in the morning; we can talk about it then. They had no right to take him! What’s he done to anyone? It’s really getting cold now. I see a fire up ahead, perhaps they won’t mind if I warm myself up a bit. I walked up to the fire and the men standing around it.

“You guys mind if I stand by your fire?”

“Sure come on over,” one of them replied. I walked up and lifted my hands in front of me letting the warmth work on them. “Hey,” he was looking at me. “Don’t I know you? You were with those guys earlier this afternoon.”

“No I don’t think so, I’m not from here.”

“Sure yea I know you, you were with that bunch with that guy down by the clearing!”

“No,” I laughed shaking my head, “you have me confused with someone else.”

Then a big burley guy spoke up, ”I saw you there as well, you were with them and you there standing right beside him too!”

Now they were all looking at me, this fire wasn’t big enough for all of us…I needed to move on. But first, ”No you’re wrong. I wasn’t there I don’t know him!” then I heard it, like a knife cutting straight threw my heart the sound of that rooster crowing, almost knocking me off my feet. I ran away as hard and as fast as I could. Finally I collapsed burying my face in my hands sobbing heavily, “He was right, every word…, he knew? I did just what he said I would, I betrayed him……… somehow ...he knew… ©


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    • must65gt profile image

      must65gt 2 years ago

      The story was from the perspective of Peter. Jesus said to him, “Truly I tell you, this very night, before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.”

    • profile image

      Helen Grant 2 years ago

      I have read it but failed to see what the problem was, what did this guy do, that was so bad?You are talking more about how you are feeling, but I am thinking what has happened to make you feel this way, & what is this other person supposed to have done?.