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The Pages Within...

Updated on December 15, 2013

What doth holds ..the memories
I have held ...closely in my heart
within my soul, entwined with love
they meld...

Upon the circular staircase...there is where
I may search,
as each one sits alone
and maintain it's perfect perch

Although framed within
the wooden squares,
bound tightly... close within,
if only to climb... it's staircase steps
lined with wood so thin

Will take me to the worlds ..
yet scattered all about
but kept within these golden rooms
pages... stories...
they do shout

© 2013 cleaner3


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    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 3 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      thank you b malin.. I am happy to see you back again .. now lets see some great writing that you always give..



    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 3 years ago

      Michael, I"M BACK...And I so missed reading your Words of Beauty...So here I am doing so. Pictures or not...your words are sometimes ALL that is needed. Imagination does kick in. You do Inspire... and that's what counts!

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 3 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      thank you for the nice comment.. Gypsy ..


    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Very often stories can say much more than words can and they bring imagination alive

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 3 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      wow... Jamie ..

      I am humbled by your comments..

      I also do believe there is no competition on hp but only us against the people that run this great place.. if they would just let us do what we do then it would be a lot merrier around here.

      I love your writings Jamie .. you are flowering into a beauty of a poet..

      you keep writing and soon you will better than all. I believe this ..

      thank you for sharing these thoughts with me..


    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 3 years ago from Reno NV

      This may be a little personal for the comments section, but I wanted to tell you that some of the poets here on HP are the muse that keep me going with my poetry. I am very shy and find being social difficult so I do not join any writing groups or the like. This small group of poets that I respect, (you included), publish poems regularly and help me to do the same. Not like a competition, more, that I know there is someone out there who loves poetry too and wants an interested reader to share with. This means all the world. Thank you Micheal for your poems and your inspiration. Jamie

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 3 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      thank you Jackie.. just blowing off some steam ..

      you my southern Belle.. are the prettiest of all pictures on the internet when you appear on my hubs..

      Hp loses more people by chasing them away then then who want to leave own their own.. how silly is that ..

      love you always my sweet flower..Jackie


    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Ah Michael just get them somewhere else, I know how crazy they can drive you. I have been demoted to 80s for months now giving Hp everything they want and like what I published today got me cut 4 points! Give them your heart and they want your soul! They had a problem with my pictures too before I published but there are ways around them. I mean I don't know why they want to make everyone mad and leave but we can ignore them and enjoy ourselves, really. I let them make money on all my hubs and if my score doesn't go up PDQ then they get no more free ads, cause I don't write for ads and don't need them. I hate they have made you sad. Don't get mad, get even! lol just kidding.

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 4 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      thank you Jamie.. I appreciate your comment ..and keep writing those beautiful post of yours.. Love Michael

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 4 years ago from Reno NV

      The stories do shout don't they. Well written Michael, I always enjoy my stay. jamie

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 4 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Faith .. I fear that hp is not letting me use pictures from google any more for it will not let me post new pictures ...only those which I have already used.. this is the third time I have been denied..

      I am very close to stopping my posts of poetry on hp ..

      for this ..sadly.. I regret..

      but although I know my poems can stand on their own.. this is blatant censorship ..

      it was a picture of a beautiful library with an awesome spiral staircase within..

      if you go my profile on Google + you will see an awesome picture of it ..

      thank you Faith ..but I think I am done with hubpages..!

      Love you and will miss you..


    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Very interesting, Michael. I went to your profile page so that I may peek as to its meaning, but ... to no avail. You may have to enlighten me on this interesting poem. Where is your always amazing choice of imagery?

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,

      Hugs, Faith Reaper