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The Rose Within My Hand

Updated on January 15, 2012
The Rose Within My Hand
The Rose Within My Hand | Source

This is a letter to a person I met one day in the wee hours of the morning . and I wrote this back a few days later . I thought I would share it with all of you .

Good Morning , I hope this day finds you well and refreshed physically and spiritually.

I have something for you here . So before you begin .

Please cause your self to sit in a comfortable chair for it is a bit long.

This is from my heart .

It is just a small part of me again

This is something I love to do write.

If these things of me you do not mind.

And would love to hear me from the inside out .

Then we will have a beautiful relationship .

Be it of friends or maybe even more .

But I have done this for years.

And now I am learning to share with many as I expose myself in many forms of writing .

But this morning as I woke and I thought of you ,

How we met and came to be in just a short time.

I began to write .

These are the feelings that needed to be expressed ....

What you need from me and long for,

and what I need from you and long for

.........................TRUE LOVE..............

We are of the same nature , same heart , just different places in our journey.

So sit back .

Put your feet up, and listen to my heart speak to you...

Because of you I wrote this .....just for you

The Rose Within My Hand

Gathering thoughts here, now ,and then

Spending time in the daylight searching for you

and dreaming way beyond the twilight hours

Reach , reaching

Just for one touch of the rose you have for me

Strangers within the slumbers of the night

Just one more time

Why did I wake ?

But why did you stay up ?

Reach ! reaching !

Just for one touch , of the rose you have for me

All these years the only warmth I had ever found

was the warmth beneath the covers

They kept me warm and hid me well as I lay there dreaming

The night had not yet seen the horizon wake .

Dream ! dreaming.

Till the sunrise opened the visions of truth

Over there ! Not here, but over there !

You found me and I found you

The Love I lost.

Was the the Love I refuse to show

The Love I did not have .

Was the Love I held back

The Love I did not want .

Was the Love I feared

Tears ! tears ........of truth flowing

Open ! open me .

Are my deep desires

Touch ! touch me

I hear screaming from my heart

Just within a few hours of our hearts beating together

Mend ! mending .....the scars

Search ! searching

for who I was and what my inner self longs for

Where I need to be and how I can get there

Find ! finding

myself again

Because of you I found my heart

Reach! reaching

for just one touch

of the rose you have for me

You found me and I found you

You are .....The rose within my hand



love you, your friend .

This is me and my heart speaking . So when you find me writing in the early or late hours of the day . It is because my heart is crying again and may it be of happiness ,here and now or even way back then or of the days to come or it could be the cries and pains of the past or just because I am searching for the inner me again that needs to be heard but yet afraid to speak it out .

Hear me my friend you are now mine and I will not let you go

This heart of mine ,

Yes! it has Love .

but do you want it like never before this is why I have closed it up.

For My Love is one of kind and I know it .

I am not selfish with it .

Just some are not worthy of it anymore .

And those that have felt it did not know what to do with it , so they left it to die ......somewhere.

That is why I lost the feelings of giving.

Some chose to use my love for there own desires .

That is why at times I held it back .

For those that wavered if they would cherished it or not caused me to fear the greatest fear

Of letting it go

Now what are you going to do with it ?

Now that you have it .

Love , your friend forever.....


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Very beautiful writing. I want to read more as soon as I possibly can.