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The Adventure's of Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Idea

Updated on December 9, 2015

My children's picture book - The Adventure's of Little Miss Sunshine & Mr Idea

Welcome to my hub " The Adventure's of Little Miss Sunshine & Mr Idea", This hub was created because i have been thinking about writing a children book for a few months now and this lens is my first step in turning this project into reality. First the book doesnt exist but hopefully it will in future.

Here you will find my concept for the book and issues which i have, In part this is my online journal of the writing process.

Below you will find a basic plot and they style i wish to develop the book.

Image by liesvanrompae, Flickr


Have you even wondered what your cat and dog's get up too when your not home or when you come home from work how they are able to make such a big mess?

The Adventure's of Little Miss Sunshine & Mr Idea is a children’s picture book series that will answers these questions and tells the adventure's of a well a manned cat named Little Miss Sunshine and her simple but smart puppy friend Mr Idea.

Although Little Miss Sunshine is a well manned cat, and comes from a long line of show cats, she is a curious cat, and this curiosity often gets her into trouble. But that until the Jones adopted a little sheep dog called Mr Idea, unlike Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Idea is a simple dog from the country however is a very clever little dog and always finds a way around a problem. Together Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Idea goes on exciting adventures everyday when are not around and having fun while learning more about each others as well meeting weird and wonderful friends along the way.


The Adventure's of Little Miss Sunshine & Mr Idea, begin with the daily life of a curious cat called Little Miss Sunshine, She is a normal cat in the sense that lives with the Jone family. Mr & Mrs Jones and their daughter Sarah. Every since Sarah started school, Little Miss Sunshine has received less attention from her family, living a regular life and spend days sleeping, playing with toys and occasional exploring the garden. But that all changed when the Jones, adopted a raggedy puppy named called Mr Idea, who seemed to be take over Little Miss Sunshine toys, home and life.

Their first meeting was disaster but soon they find out that their differences are not so different have more in common. Together they start going on fun adventure's when the Jones are not home.

Notes and Considerations - Updated Feb 11th

1 - The family name "jones" and Sarah was selected at random and for ease or writing. Final names will be decided on later on.

2 - One issue that i am having trouble with is my writing style, in how to write in a consistent format but also tell the story without knowing what types of picture would suit. Comments would be help. Tho i hope when i start working on the next story it will resolve itself.

Draft 1: The Adventure of Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Idea

Page 1

Have you ever wondered what your pets do when your not at home?

Most pets just sleep, play with their toys and wait till you get home and sometimes make a mess. But if your Little Miss Sunshine & Mr Idea then they go on adventures.

This is the story of how is all started.

How a well manned curious cat met a raggedy puppy named Mr Idea.


Page 2

Little Miss Sunshine is a cat, a British short cat to be exact, she is a young curiosity cat, elegance and well groomed.

She comes from a pedigree family of show winning parents.

She lives with the Jones, in a small urban house, not too far from the city and not too far from the sea.

She is Sarah's, The Jone's 7 year old daughters cat's, adopt during Sarah's 5th birthday as a kitten.

Little Miss Sunshine got her name because she cheered Sarah up when she was crying.

Page 3

It was a nice sunny morning, the sun was shining through the window and onto Little Miss Sunshine's basket, waking her up.

It was too early for Little Miss Sunshine's but it could have been all the noise coming from the kitchen that woke her.

The Jones were making breakfasts and helping Sarah prepare for school. Hasty Ms J, placed fresh food into Little Miss Sunshine's bowl, and the whole family rushed out the door.

Little Miss Sunshine just yearned and went back to sleep.

This routine would happen everyday since Sarah started school except for the weekends.

Not even a hug from Sarah before she left.


Page 4

It was late morning, when Little Miss Sunshine woke up again from the sound of birds in the garden.

The Jone's garden was not large, but with lots tree and bush, But to Little Miss Sunshine it was a forest to explore.

At the back there was even a tall tree, Little Miss Sunshine favorite, were she climb and sleep on its branch sometimes. But she dear not venture far from that tree as Little Miss Sunshine was house cat.

Little Miss Sunshine finally got out of her basket, went to groom herself and had some of the food Mrs Jones had put out.

Page 5

Normally Little Miss Sunshine would play with her toys that Sarah had given her but today she decided to investigate the birds that woke her earlier.

Little Miss Sunshine is a curious cat, walked over to back window, jumped up onto ledge. And looked out into the Garden. She looked and looked but could not see the birds or hear any noise.

Suddenly, she noticed something different. There was a little door within the door. It was cat door,

This is new thought Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Jones must have install it last night. "I must try it out" say Little Miss Sunshine.

So she poked her head through cat door. Bam! bam!, that hurt! As Little Miss Sunshine scratched her head.

It was locked!.

Page 6

Being a curious cat, Little Miss Sunshine would often get into mischief or trouble. And this time its no different.

Little Miss Sunshine found the lock and hit it with her paws, once, twice, three times, Bam! bam! Bam!

Suddenly, Bang and smash!

Jumping back just in time Little Miss Sunshine saw picture frame on the door break in front of her.

Oh No!, The Jones will not like this thought Little Miss Sunshine, Esp Sarah, the picture was of Little Miss Sunshine and Sarah was young.

Now there was a mess on the floor. Luck Ms Jones would often clean up her messes she thought.

Now the door was unlocked.

Page 7

Little Miss Sunshine again poked her head through the cat door, the Sunshine, the smell of flowers was so nice.

What a nice day to walk around the garden said Little Miss Sunshine.

Little Miss Sunshine, haven’t been outside for a while. She walked along her normal path towards the tall tree.

Down the steps, Passed the pot plants, through vegetable gardens and over the pond.

She couldn't find the bird or noise again and so slept in the tree till.

Page 8

Little Miss Sunshine woke to the sound from the house and to Ms Jones yelling, Sunshine, sunshine, followed by Sarah, With Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Sunshine.

Only Sarah would call her Little Miss Sunshine, and Ms Jones called her Sunshine when she was upset with her.

It was almost sunset, so Little Miss Sunshine better go home, the forest is a scary place for a house cat at night. And it was dinner time. So Little Miss Sunshine walked passed the pond, through the garden, passed the pot plants and up the stair to a upset Ms Jone but smiling Sarah.

Page 9

Sarah greeted Little Miss Sunshine with open arms while Ms Jones, just say you are a troublesome cat. Looking at the floor.

All Little Miss Sunshine could say was Meow!

After dinner, Mr Jones clean up picture, Little Miss Sunshine sat in Sarah's bedroom and played until bedtime.

What a long day thought Little Miss Sunshine, It was the most adventure she has had in her life and went back to her basket to sleep dreaming of the weekend.

Page 10

Little Miss Sunshine woke the next morning to the sounds of some loud noises, but this time it was not from the kitchen but from the living room. It was sounds of excitement. So Little Miss Sunshine quickly groomed herself and wondered to the living room.

To her surprise, there was a dirty puppy running around maddy and chewing on her cat toys.

The puppy ran towards her and barked at Little Miss Sunshine. Little Miss Sunshine jumped up to Sarah, In fright. That was the last Little Miss Sunshine saw of the puppy. As Sarah took Little Miss Sunshine back upstairs.

Little Miss Sunshine didn't like surprises,


Page 11

Little Miss Sunshine stayed up stairs for the next few days, everything had all changed. Sneaking down stairs, she hoping the raggedy puppy had gone. Being a curious cat Little Miss Sunshine popped her head around the corner of the stairs, nothing had changed in the living room.

Sleeping on the living room was the raggedy dog. Little Miss Sunshine stealthy approached him, suddenly he opened his eyes, Little Miss Sunshine jumped back in fright again.

The raggedy dog slowly got up and wrestle with Little Miss Sunshine on the floor. To Little Miss Sunshine surprise, they had knocked over the table lamp.

Making a crashing sound and mess.

Page 12

Ms Jones, dont think it was a good idea to get a puppy as Little Miss Sunshine already made such a mess but Mr Jones wanted a guard dog, and Sarah agreed it was a good idea too, So they called him Mr Idea, which matched Little Miss Sunshine.

Mr Idea is a sheepdog, he is clever and lived on a farm before the Jones adopted him, He too comes from a good breed but unlike Little Miss Sunshine, a generation of sheep dogs, not show animals. Mr Idea never herded sheep before but he knew how to do it. It was his nature.

Now the Jone's have a cat named Little Miss Sunshine and a dog called Mr Idea

Page 13

Finally they stopped, Little Miss Sunshine looked around the living room which was a mess, but what Little Miss Sunshine noticed the most was her play house had been moved and in its place a dog mat.

This did not make Little Miss Sunshine happy at all.

Why did you jump at me Little Miss Sunshine say, looking at the mess.

This is how we say hello, “I am Mr idea” said the raggedy puppy, I am a sheep dog from the farm house.

So the raggedy dog, has a name. Mr idea! I hope he is not staying thought Little Miss Sunshine;

Page 14

Little Miss Sunshine being a clever cat, say what should I do, Mrs Jones will be mad at me for breaking the lamp and making a mess. She is still mad from last time.

Mr idea, had an idea, Being a sheep dog he learnt to solve problems and has many ideas to getting out of trouble.

I know since I am new and Mrs Jones is not mad at me, how about I pretend I broke the lamp.

But they wont believe you, said Little Miss Sunshine.

how about when they come home I make more of a mess?

Why would you doing that, said Little Miss Sunshine. Because I like helping others said Mr idea, it my nature as a sheep dog.

Perfect! i'll get rid of him at the same time, Little Miss Sunshine hoped.

Page 15

It was later that afternoon when the Jones arrived home, Mr idea was again sleeping in the living room. Little Miss Sunshine started wondered down the stairs.

Mrs Jones was the first to see the mess and lamp. She was furious. She was about to yell

“Little Miss Sunshine”...but stopped when she saw Mr Idea in the living room. Mr idea has been good all week, it could not be.

Then as Little Miss Sunshine came down stairs, Mr idea started running around madly, as they planned, jumping and clawing at things around the room in excitement.

Mrs Jone did not know who could have made the mess this time, She seemed to be more mad now she has two trouble makers in the house. All Mr Jones said was “he is only a puppy”.

later we have to solve this problems said Mrs Jones.

Sarah held Little Miss Sunshine in her arms and said your going to have to get along with Mr Idea.

Page 16

What did you expect, cat and dogs do not get along. When he grows up he can live in the garden. But for now we will have to keep an eye on them. Said Mrs Jones.

After a short run around, Mr Idea jumped at Sarah leg and returned to his mat in the corner. He walked around in a little circle and layed down.

Mr Idea was great at not getting into trouble so much, as he always had clever ideas.

Little Miss Sunshine did not get rid of him. Maybe she have other chances and will try again.

At least she got more hugs from Sarah now, not bad at all.

Page 17

So that was the first adventure of Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Idea. What else will they get up to next time the house is empty.

The End!

Thank you for reading my draft

Hi There!

Thank you for reading my first draft of "The Adventures of Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Idea". It has been an interesting experience both developing this lens as well as my first attempt to write a childrens picture book. The idea of this book actually came to me in a dream and so i decided to take the initiative and start writing.

My next step will be to work on the second stories of a series of three which i have planned as well as start to developed my style. One interesting issues i have come across is thats its quite difficult to write the script without an idea of the picture that will be linked to that page. I think if i start developing the book with a story board it will reduce the need for lengthy descriptions and words.

Please let me know your thoughts, especially the reactions from you children.

Many Thanks!

I have just started looking at a few children's picture book to help refine my book but thought i would find out what others, especially mom's and teacher think.

1 - What elements don't you like about children's picture you have read?

2 - What elements would you like to see more of?

Comments would be appreciated


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