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Ocean's Splendour - A Poem

Updated on December 28, 2016

A Poem about the Ocean

This is a poem about the ocean and how both men and woman are drawn by it for various reasons.

The Sea kind of has the effect of magically drawing us towards it, for its beauty, its charm, what lies beneath its surface, and what we can do on it, and in it.

The sea covers a vast part of our globe the earth; it has much to offer in terms of fishing, sailing, cruising, transport, swimming/surfing, diving, yachting - and the list goes on... Sunken treasures are also an attraction for many divers and prospectors.

I like the charm of fishing boats out at sea or anchored close to the shore and many other aspects of the ocean such as the beauty of under-water coral and fishes. If you've landed here you must love the sea too?

Oceans Splendour

Ships on the ocean far from the shore, different ones - cargo ships,

oil tankers, container vessels, fishing boats, yachts, an occasional liner,

the suns gleaming rays glistening on waters salty sheen

seen from the seaside, their colours distant seem.

Floating fishing vessels waiting for a catch,

at night too when the moon glides up in the night skies

and gives light to ocean and earth.

Calm seas where boats can move or wait without stress and strain,

their lights twinkling in the night as their crew cast their nets and fasten fishing rods,

hopeful for a haul of fish for the market and for hungry dinner tables at home.

Oceans splendour, a saltwater space between continents, making the globe an entirety,

deep down below - forever mysterious and magical, filled with sea creatures,

fish, coral, sunken wrecks, and more; for man to explore, treasures to retrieve;

to observe, an enchanted wonderland, a marvel.

Filled with glorious sights; a kaleidoscope of colourful fish, and sounds -

of whales and dolphins calls, the ocean so vast, deep and wide,

having tides and currents, surfers waves, huge swells,

windswept rough seas when caution must prevail,

when boats must come back to shore to rest.

Seabirds fast-wing above the oceans surface, knowing to where they're going

a purpose in their speedy flight,

seagulls drift effortlessly by; you see them, they see you,

time seems to stand still as they go their way, landing on rocks or sand sometimes.

Sometimes the sea so calm at other times so rough, windswept and cold,

it moves and rolls, crashes and thunders, mighty ocean so full of life.

Dolphins In The Oceans Waves

Human Surfer

The Poetry of the Ocean

Do You Love the Ocean?

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Authors note

Please Note: I use the Uk (British) Spelling Format.

The views and beliefs expressed in the adverting on this page are not necessarily those of the author.

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