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The Beach

Updated on April 8, 2017
Dave Lynch profile image

David started writing poetry when he was 16 at school, These poems are about the beach and nature.


A Poem About the Beach

How I enjoy spending time at the beach swimming and tanning in the sun - a poem.

'The Beach' is a recent poem I wrote - I have included some earlier poems further on in this writing that have a sea and / or sun theme to them.

These other poems were written at a much younger age, starting from about the age of 17 and probably carrying on into my 20's, I don't have definite dates on when I wrote them but they are definitely from a much younger period of time in my life.

It is obvious from these poems that for years I have enjoyed the sea; we would go to the beach as a family when I was a child and have a wonderful time swimming, sliding down sand dunes on polished masonite boards, and having picnics or barbecues (we call them braai's in our country).

I would spend hours in the water body-surfing and sometimes admittedly, the sun did dry my skin out somewhat. That's why we have sunscreen nowadays to protect us from the harsh rays of the sun.

A Poem about Spending Time on the Beach

The Beach

Warm sunlight rays beam down onto sand and sea,

I soon approach the sea -

it's cold; slowly wade into the great expanse

stand sideways for waves to wrap around me briefly,

then they charge forth, on to the shore

Eventually I must dive into the chilly salt-sea waters,

soon adjust to the cold, catch a wave,

return to my place on the sand,

dry face and hair with towel,

lie down, feel better already;

moving away from my morning mood

of mild meddlesome blues

Feel the suns warmth on my body

filling my being with a pleasantness

a healing balm of sun and sea,

all cares forgotten for a moment in time -

this time, here on the beach

where people come and go,

laughing, a fine mood in

the sun of delight

I return several times to feel the sea's

pleasant pulse

diving under waves sometimes,

catching one's that are not too fierce,

freely travelling in the curl of a wave,

stopping close to the shoreline,

producing feelings of great enjoyment,

being propelled by a body of water -

brings jolly, salty-sea mirth to my being

I find it so soothing;

then onto the beach towel again,

to be caressed by the suns fullsome glow,

body and mind freed up at last,

what more could I want or wish for?

Not too much of it says the sensible side of me;

don't want to turn into

a purple prune,

from too much sun

at the seaside

I leave -

hoping to return

quite soon,

for sun-sea therapy,

a healing balm found in nature,

that only our Great God

could have created

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Other Poems

(This poem and the ones that follow were written many years ago; I used punctuation only in parts of the poems where, at the time I thought it needed to be included)


Mist stands and looks at sea

shoulders of cold caves

hunching up and

turning over and over

in this dreamland

the flickering glow

of thin weeds

clumped in perfect

old sand

all white and gold

making hills old

sighing deeply

with the sea-sound

that leaps at their feet;

broken and still

they stand

where white birds sit

and look behind


at the approaching


"he always does this"

they say

and flip away

And in the

echoing shells

the lives of creatures

that were;

call back

their thunderous


to sit and listen

and hear

the knocking knell

of oceans

past and gone

forever on...



Dying then rising

she tumbles in ecstasy

covering the hot white sand

with a sweep

Leaving behind her

a dark wet blanket

She recedes to the calling

only to be engulfed in a flurry

and shot forward

like a rolling carpet,

she plays her game



Slowly with dying fame she sinks

Glowing red like a burning ember

She keeps,

until the very last.

Through broken dotted clouds

she filters outwards,

azure to eye,

tranquil to mind,

embodied to life



Roll on, roll on mad sea

crush the rocks on the weeds

flick that radiant white mane

until it flows like lava

on sand

the night is very shy

on your cool green face

let it shield you till it's

redeemer, the sun, breaks

through and relieves it of

all shame

roll on, roll on mad sea,

don't you just love to be free



Wind and rain

destroy the waves

the baby seals

are washed away

with minds choked

a few survive

nineteen miles later

at Bushmans-river mouth

they arrive

A boys hand goes out

to a black nose

and is bitten


we rescue our proud

black friend

the baby seal

and take him up to

the house

where a crowd of mothers

with bottles as breasts

are waiting

to feed the young pup


Other world's

A slow song sung slowly

with the slide into oblivion

ride upon the moving earth


right down to the waves

and push out with tight arms

through the green glint of

the water

the sun watching your


Your strokes are perfect

your kick is fine

you swim out of this world

to another

more green and filled

with sunlight

that wanders like mist

through pines

and walks heavy

through oaks

Other world's

in the waves of the sea

and in mountain forest -

moments of exhilaration

moments of peace...


Broken shells

The warbled fantasy

of a hidden garden

of endless breath

daunts the breast

to shake

Tiny lights drift past


Shores glisten with

the glass of broken shells

as if unprepared

for the strife of waves

and wind and sand

they break and crumble

like beaten armies

and die of death itself

Night fog

drifting free

on wet shells





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    • Dave Lynch profile imageAUTHOR

      David Edward Lynch 

      16 months ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      Thanks for all your comments. I'm sure I will be inspired to write more poetry after being inspired by your input.

    • Dave Lynch profile imageAUTHOR

      David Edward Lynch 

      5 years ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      @mathew31: Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The beach is my favorite place to be!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love the beach! Awesome poem and lens! :D

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice Poems !

    • David Stone1 profile image

      David Stone 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Squidoo could use more poems and fewer product lenses.

    • Dave Lynch profile imageAUTHOR

      David Edward Lynch 

      5 years ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      @takkhisa: Thanks very much for the comment!

    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice Poems!

    • Dave Lynch profile imageAUTHOR

      David Edward Lynch 

      5 years ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      Thanks for comment jsr54!

    • JoanieMRuppel54 profile image

      Joanie Ruppel 

      5 years ago from Keller, Texas

      Enjoyed your poems, felt like I was at the edge of the sea. The beach is one of my loves too.

    • Dave Lynch profile imageAUTHOR

      David Edward Lynch 

      5 years ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      @darciefrench lm: Thanks for the comment, I enjoy nature walks too

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      5 years ago

      Very lovely poems, I feel much the same way about walking in the desert, looking out at the view from my patio, gazing at the snowy mountain tops, meditating on any of God's masterpieces can carry me away in a heartbeat ..


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