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the bittersweet-broken-beautiful

Updated on June 3, 2014

packing up the last of the possessions, returning this

archipelago of walls and floors and cupboards and doors

to the new nakedness which we first encountered, with

the natural wear-and-tear of years now firmly attached:

each inhabitant’s markings.

do you remember the bare excitement of empty space?

we rush and burn to fill it up.

i wish just one room

could remain completely


to reflect our own capacity,

our truish open-ness.

we keep marching forward; we keep filling in the blanks --

the next kill-fee is waiting:

the bittersweet-broken-beautiful.

© 2014 Michelle Warner


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    • Michelle Warner profile image

      Michelle Warner 3 years ago from Charlottesville, Virginia

      Jody, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a few breadcrumbs. I appreciate it!

    • J. R. LaGreca profile image

      Jody R. LaGreca 3 years ago from New York, New York

      This is a very touching poem along with the photos, thanks. ~ Jody