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The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop

Updated on November 29, 2012

This is a fantasy series by Anne Bishop, based on a world where magic is not only real, but a way of life. She Tells the story of Jaenelle, a girl who is Witch, the savior and dream of the Blood. Witch is dreams made flesh, a woman made of magic brought to life. The story is told in an interesting way, from the point of view of the people she touches, but never from her own.

You ever know for sure through all the books exactly what Jaenelle is thinking or feeling, only what she shows the people around her. There are four main character to the original books, and it is from their point of view that most of the story is told, and the author dabbles with other people in certain chapters as well. These people are Daemon, Lucivar, Saetan, and Surreal. Many others are mentioned, and the spin off books explore many other aspects of the world she has created.

Anne Bishop's World


The world that these books take place in is a world with essentially three tiers, or dimensions, called Realms. The first Realm is Tereille, also called the Realm of Light. This is the place where Jaenelle is born, where her birth familly is, and where Deamon, Lucivar, and Surreal spend their lives in before Jaenelle is born. This is also where Saetan is originally born, although her rarely goes their in these books. Tereille is corupted by the greed and ambition of a few witches, namely Dorothea and Hekatah, who want to rule despite the fact that they are not of the ruling caste. In order to acheive this, they twist entire cultures to their will, and kill any rivals before they have a chance to mature. Tereille has become a dangerous place to live by the time Jaenelle is born, and everybody who loves her do all they can to protect her and get her out.

Exerpt from Heir to the Shadows

Saetan sighed. "You might have warned me, witch-child."

Jaenelle laced her fingers together. "Well, there really was no way for Lucivar to be prepared, so I figured if you both were unprepared, you start on even ground."

They stared at her.

She gave them her best unsure-but-game smile.

"Witch-child, go terrify someone else for a while."


The second Realm is Kaeler, also known as the Shadow Realm. This is the place where the Blood still honor the old ways, where people are free and respect their place, and where Jaenelle makes most of her friends. They are more dangerous from the point if view of raw power and temper, but they are the people who will do anything to protect and will not destroy for no reason. This is also the Realm where the kindred, animals who have the same magic as the Blood, have survived and live in secret, until Jaenelle comes along.


The last realm is Hell, also known as the Dark Realm, and this is where the Blood from both the other Realms go when they die. Hell is ruled by Saetan, but he does not spend all of his time here. This is where the childru diathe (the demon dead children) live, as well as the harpies and all the other demon dead. Hell is also home to a variety of species that are native to this realm, including the hellhounds and many carniverouse plants.

Stand Alone Books - That give some insight

This is Kaelas, an Arcerian Cat who lives with Jaenelle and her familly

Jewel Rank

In order from lightest to darkest

Jewels are stones that hold a reserve of power for the person who is bonded with them, and each color represents a different concentration of power. The darker the Jewel is, the more power reserve the person has. Basic Craft does not require a Jewel.



tiger eye



purple dusk








Jaenelles jewels are a rank of their own, the Black is her birthright, and then she get Ebony Jewels after she becomes the queen, and Twilights Dawn after she saves Kaeler.

The Lover is the Father's mirror, the Brother stands between

The Blood Triangle

The Blood Triangle is a reoccurring theme in these books. It can refer to to a number of things that make up an integral part of the life of the Blood, and is used to illustrate other relationships as well. There are four sides in a blood triangle, three connecting at the corners, and a side in the middle touching all three. Here are some of the relationships illustrated by the concept of the blood triangle.

Sides: body, web (Jewels), and chalice (Mind)

Center: Self

Sides: Master of the Guard, First Escort/Consort, Steward

Center: Queen

Sides: Father (Saetan), Brother (Lucivar), Lover (Daemon)

Center: Jaenelle

Another Series - That involves some of the Characters

Its probably a good idea to real the Invisible ring before these books, because this series involves their decedents and their Territory, but it is ot necessary. This is my favorite series of books in this world.

A Fan Made Trailer for the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishope

Compilatons of Short Stories - In the World of the Black Jewels

Exerpt from Dreams Made Flesh - Kaelers Heart

Jaenelle snorted.

Daemon dighed and muttered, "I backed into a unicorn."

Morghanne burst out laughing. "Oh, we've got to hear the details."

What do you think of these books?

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      Terrie_Schultz 5 years ago

      I love fantasy, but hadn't heard of these. Good review.