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the cabals in the corner

Updated on May 27, 2010


The Cabals in the Corner


by Kaleem Raja


Mar 10



Wake me from my coma,

Save me from the prurient and inane.

I can’t tell the psychiatrists from the insane.

I know nothing,

Lesser men even less.

And we know not of the machinations of the female mind.

As pigs guzzle gritty troughs of decomposing grass and rind,

I am September struck

Navel gazing,

Watching professors grazing

As the masses swarm around the swill swathed across the cesspit.

Cut throat and throats slit

For less than a pound per flesh and bone and blood and guts.

Because you must

Have a reason to justify the carnage at the carnival;

Stick a pickaxe in the face of a war child,

Bludgeon an old man into a pulp,

Snatch a morsel from the mouth of the emaciated,

Lead the emancipated back into chains,

Inject poison into the veins of a dying man,

Impotence, infertility

Make millions from poverty.

The tills roll as the old world order stands dripping blood on a cross,

While the new one cracks a whip, stripping liberties of their minions

From the shadows.

The cabals in the corner

Do all the above and call it aid.

It’s a morbid, blood drenched, banshee wailed parade,

Lugubrious state of affairs…


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