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The Cobbler's Reward: My Personal Review

Updated on May 31, 2015

By Giving you will Receive more than you ever imagined!

Have you ever reached out to help someone and expected to get something in return? If so this book does not go down that path. It is not about what you can get but what you can give.

And sometimes when you give those that receive can not give back at that time. But there may come a day when you need help and without asking for help those folks that you reached out to will return the favor. They may even surprise you by being there.

That is what this story entails. A willingness to reach out without expecting a payback. And seeing what can happen because you are willing to do so.


Refers to a shoemaker who repairs shoes, rather than manufacturing them.

What is it about this book that drew my attention?

  1. Lets start with the cover. The picture to be exact. It may not seam like much at first glance. But If you know what a cobbler is and what they do on a daily basis you may begin to wonder as he is their with a beautiful woman.
  2. The theme of the story is a reward for something. To be honest I have heard this story in several different formats. One person going forth and by their good actions receiving a reward.
  3. Not all great stories have to take place in the country I live in. This one does not take place in the US. After reading I will update about where it takes place.
  4. There is more art work on every page. So its not just the main pictures that are worth looking at.

Tracking down a good book

Have you ever had a book that you search for hign and low until you find it to add to your collection.

Waiting for the daughter to open the package

And getting my hands on the book

As soon as the daughter opens the package that arrived on January 11, 2013 I can get my hands on the book. This section will have a few more words in the form of a review.

Well she opened the package. And the wife's ears hurt because she was squealing so loud with enjoyment.The package is still on her bed but the book is gone. This will not be as easy as one would expect.

The Cobblers Name Defined

Janek Dobry

Which means: John the Kind One

My review of The Cobblers Reward

Well I finally got my hands on this book. The daughter let me take it to work and do a bit of reading. Believe it or not I had just finished reading the story at work and set the book down on the empty desk next to me. A co-worker asked me what the book was about. So what you will now be reading is how I described this story to him...

The story is about a poor cobbler who goes traveling from town to town in search of work. On his journeys he helps out three different sets of creatures.

Ants: A bear has dug into their hill in search of food. The cobbler helps to rebuild their home. They thank him and promise to repay him.

Bees: Again a bear has broken their home in search of honey. The cobbler reaches out to rebuild their home. Once again the ones he helps say that they will return the favor.

Ducks: The cobbler is in search of a place to rest for the night and finds a spot near a lake. There are a group of ducks who're frightened and flee. He offers them some of his bread and says he is not there to harm them. Again they thank him and promise to return his kindness.

The next day he travels in to a city where an evil witch has locked away a beautiful maiden. Many princes and knights have tried to free her. There are two test and one quiz that they must pass. None have succeeded and the penalty for failure is death.

The cobbler accepts this challenge.

The first test is to separate a bag of salt and sand into two separate piles. This was due before the rooster crows in the morning.The cobbler starts to separate the two but his eyes grow tired. Not sure what to do the ants come forth and separate the two for him. It is their way to say thank you.

The next test is to recover a key that is at the bottom of the deepest lake. The same lake as the ducks were at. They too return his kindness by working with the fish to dive down and retrieve this key for the one who showed them kindness.

The quiz was that there were several maidens all with their faces covered. The cobbler would have to choose the one that was the true maiden. Once again his kindness came back to help him. You see the bees flew in and found the true maiden for him.

With this the witch left the town never to return. And the cobbler's kindness had several small rewards. His biggest reward was the hand of the fair maiden. And because of the adventures involved a lack of work was never an issue again for the cobbler not the ability to provide for his family.

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