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the comic book guy talks about comic book stuff

Updated on March 8, 2012

sup everyone its me again here to offer my humble opinion on the world of comics.seems Disney has put down some serious change to acquire marvel,a move that had me just a little bit nervous in the beginning because I thought at the time that Disney would soften up marvels image and basically kill the company by disneyization.I geuss I was wrong about that,I'm glad I was,Disney will bring some major clout to marvel and expand the brand worldwide allowing marvel to reach an audience that was previously out of marvels range,which is great I have always been a marvel head since birth because the people around me was big on marvel so I came into this world saying make mine marvel!sad but its true.

Studying the industry

growing up as a kid I was really into comics and cartoons,the one man I wanted to be like as a kid was walt disney,I wanted my very own animation studio,not the theme parks just the animation studio.but then I grew up,and life set in and I forgot about that childhood dream.well I think I'm going to give a try.for the past two years I have been studying the industry,checking out all the companies and what they are doing,what trends they are following and basically looking to see if I had a chance of competeing with the big boys do I have what it takes?and yes I do,a little practice,a little more practice combined with a lot more practice and I will be ready.I pick up a lot of different comics from all the big guns (marvel DC Image) at random and the only thing I could find that I enjoyed enough to follow is THE SWORD by THE LUNA BROTHERS to me its the best thing going.It seems that marvel and dc are trapped in crossover hell one big event after another,to me that is so old,no one feels like buying every single title that they make just to keep up with a story,especially right now.Kill the cross overs,there getting old.I would rather follow a single story line within one title than following seven or eight titles trying to keep up with a story,at the same time going broke,money don't grow on trees and this ain't the 90's where everybody has a job,this is 2009 people are scrambling trying to get their feet back on solid ground,so it would be a great idea to kill the crossover for right now.just my take on things.

They say that age of the writer is now in comics where in the 90's fans was following the artist,now fans are following the writers,I thinks that pretty cool,but the one thing I can say about the art from when I was collecting and now is,the art has improved big time across the entire comic medium,I guess the money has finally landed because the art in comics right now is breath taking making it tuff on a aspiring artist/writer like me,every-time I bring home a new book I check out everything from the writing to the plot dialog,and the artwork and think to myself "I got a long way to go."Practice practice practice,and more practice,I'll get there.look at the pictures on this hub,that is how I judge myself that is where i need to be.I feel like I might be able to get there in six months with constant practice,I've dedicated myself to self developed work regime designed to improve my craft and hone my storytelling abilities.I want to be ready in six months but it may take two years but either way it goes I'll be ready soon.and I can't wait I'm overflowing with plots and ideas thats just begging to come out on paper,I think I have a unique perspective on superhero comics,I think(I HOPE)its going to be fresh.exciting,and new.I study the writing styles of grant morrison,brian michael bendis,alan moore,chris claremont,and peter david,I have developed my on unique way of telling a story and I am looking forward to entering this game.

if I was a marvel exec

If I was a executive that worked for marvel or dc I would concentrate on the properties that each company owns that are not in use.I will have to use marvel for example because I'm a marvel head and I pretty much know marvels entire history because I grew up on marvel comics.I'm pretty much a living marvel we go,marvel has over 5000 characters that are sitting in limbo,just sitting there,doing nothing.characters like DR.Strange a incredible character that can be the next big franchise if done can do so many things for example the straight to DVD animation market is huge,look at the manga anime that dominates the straight to DVD market Afro samurai and Ghost in the Shell for instance.You can take a Dr.Strange launch this character with a monthly two hour DVD with on going stories and make a killing!Look at the success of Blade A surprise hit with a character that was sitting on the shelf of marvel since the early 70's.a blockbuster franchise that spawned several sequels,a runaway train of a hit.Marvel and Dc has a lot of good characters that are not even in use.characters that are just sitting around waiting for some one to come along and say "let me try something with this character."The suicide squad from Dc would make a very strong animated franchise for Dc if done right.Harley Quinn has a huge following that is developing into a cult fan-base you can take Harley Quinn spin her off into her own monthly animated straight to DVD series,with the help of great artwork great writing dark humor and a lot of action slap a pg-13 label on it, write for adults and you would have a monster hit on your hands!Adults read comics and watch cartoons too.But it seems that most of the animation is made for kids and that's all right.But there is a huge market of people 30 and up that grew up on comics that's being neglected,a huge untapped market.Writing is the key in the sixties and seventies marvel wasn't writing to kids they was writing to the college crowd but kids was still reading the books anyway,let me get back on course ,Red Sonja has had a little bit of success Red Sonja would make a great animated DVD that comes out monthly with new adventures yep I would love to work in comics I have a lot of Ideas,I'm keep the rest of them to myself.I will leave saying this MARVEL DC IMAGE you guys really need to think about the straight to DVD market anime you are missing out on a gold mine.peace I'm Audi 5000.


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      thanx raven drop by anytime.

    • raven1967 profile image

      raven1967 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Great hub! Awesome artwork. Goodluck with your stuff Bill.

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Fantastic colorful art. God Bless You

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      thanx tropical,glad you enjoyed it.thanx for dropping in.

    • Island Tropical profile image

      Island Tropical 8 years ago

      Great Hub, I like comic too!