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An Intensive Study, On A Parasitic nuisance That Plagues All God's Creatures.

Updated on March 15, 2011

A Somewhat Intensive Study, On A Small Parasitic nuisance That Has Plagued All Of God's Creatures.


cave men
gave them,
much good reason,
to inhabit them each season,
moving from furs clothes to skin,
biting then they'd hide again.

Monkeys pick them,
and then eat them,
dogs scratch at them
to defeat them.

Cats pretend
they don't have any,
as they lick
their fur aplenty.

Marines in boot camp,
slap sand fleas,
while standing
in neat rows,
the D.I. gives them
each a matchbox,
makes them
dig some holes,
six feet deep
and three feet wide
when done they put
the flea inside,
to teach them not
to ever swat,
because in war zones
where it's hot,
a single motion
might bring doom,
with mortars hitting
your platoon.

birds all try
to peck away,
the fleas that fly
with them each day
in feathered comfort
far and wide, as they
infest the countryside.

I'm sure that mighty dinosaurs
once lashed their massive tails,
but missed each speck
quite often.......
huge trees fell as they flailed.

And if you've ever
endured fleas,
that got inside your house,
the work you must
do guarantees,
You'll hate each tiny louse.

Bag blankets, pillows,
sheets and spreads,
stuffed animals and clothes,
then wash each one,
it's so much fun,
there's no end to your woes.

With sticky, smelly gooey junk,
you'll smear into your hair,
then nitpick out the tiny eggs,
miss one, and they'll hatch there.

For weeks your head
will itch all day,
after the fleas are gone,
that creepy, scaly, victim's pain,
long after they've moved on.

So if the school
sends home a note,
that some kids
are infected,
keep your kids home,
and tutor them,
lest bugs call unexpected.


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    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 8 years ago

      I thought for sure this was going to be about mosquitoes............ I've never met a flea, but I do hate mosquitoes!