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The Desires of Jasmine

Updated on September 8, 2012

The Beginning

A soft lullaby was playing as the voice of a woman was blending in with the sound. "I see you." She said, while carefully picking up her daughter.

"Come with mommy, Jasmine. We need to go out to get food. It will keep you young and strong." They went out into the woods and found a man camping alone.

She told Jasmine, "You stay here. I will be back in a moment." Her mother smiled and walked away to the camp site.

The mother walked up to the man and said, "You picked the best spot. There is plenty of sunshine and you are right by the lake. Do you mind if I join you?"

The man replied, "Sure, I would be delighted."

He reached down to pick up his cup that was sitting on the ground. The mother stood up and her eyes started bulging. They were the color of blood. Her hair turned into flames. Claws began to form on her hands. She lifted herself up off of the ground and grabbed the man by his neck. She ripped off his head with her claws and sucked the essence, his life force, right out of him. She then went back to Jasmine and placed her mouth against hers and the life force went into her. Automatically, her eyes started to change and she took on the horrific appearance of her mother.

Her mother said, "Come dear, lets go home. This should keep us full for a couple of weeks."

Jasmine and her mother were a species that was unknown to man. They came from an undiscovered realm, the center of the earth. They were known as the people of the core. They lived off of the life force of human beings. They have roamed the earth, undetected for thousands of years. They would obtain their prey and then retreat back to their home that was located several miles beneath our feet.

It won't be long before they are discovered. There very lives were in danger. They were desperate to survive and would not stop at anything to make this happen. So, Jasmine's mother trained her to live among the humans and to only transform into her ungodly form, when it was time to feed.

The day came for them to be discovered. Her mother was hunted down and killed when Jasmine was the age of four. She remembered what she had learned from her mother and pretended like she was kidnapped. They tried to locate her on the missing children's database. However, they found that no one reported her missing. As a result, she was passed from home to home. All abusive in their nature.

Jasmine kept her secret well hidden. She did not want to meet the same fate as her mother. However, she had the burden of quenching her appetite. She was use to her mother providing the prey. Now she was all alone and had no choice but to fend for herself. She tried to live a normal life the best way she could.

Jasmine: The Upcoming Princess of Erotica

"Well, well...What do we have here?" Jasmine said as she purposely twisted her curves around the room. She slowly straddled the chair and motioned him to come closer. He got down on his knees and crawled over to her.

She said, "You have been a naughty boy!" She reached over the chair and pulled his hair. He rose up and his lips met hers. They shared a kiss. She sensuously rubbed the palm of her hand across his cheek. The lights dimmed and the scene was over.

The director said, "Whoa that was hot! You are going to be the next star."

Jasmine sighs, "If you say so."

The director yelled, "it's a wrap!"

Jasmine retreated to her dressing room that use to be a closet for cleaning supplies. She stood in front of a small dingy mirror that hung on the wall and started taking off her makeup. She carefully removed her false eyelashes. She took one more look at her hair, gave herself a smile and pulled off the wig.

She said, "Another day another dollar. She got dressed, grabbed her purse and walked out the door.

In public you would not notice the once made up sex goddess. She was very plain. She always kept herself covered, never to reveal her skin in public. She saved that for the camera. Jasmine hated the things that she forced herself to do. She felt humiliated and violated. She had no choice. She wanted to be noticed without her ugly secret appearing. Since she was starving for the better things in life, she had to do what worked.


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    • profile image

      Simpson valle 6 years ago

      Nice one.I really like this.Thanks for sharing :)


    • sassyk73 profile image

      Karen A. Harris 6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      Always great to see new faces. I think erotica is the way to go ;) Thank you for stopping by.

    • martyfarkle profile image

      martyfarkle 6 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Sounds like the society I live in. It has an unquenchable thirst for erotica.