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The Dog Stars - A Compelling Post Apocalyptic Tale

Updated on September 25, 2014

Cormac McCarthy's book The Road was one I simply could not put down, one that drew me in and kept me thinking. The Dog Stars, by Peter Heller Page, was another such story. It's as powerful as The Road but not as dark or bleak.

In a post apocalyptic world, the main character Hig has survived a pandemic flu that has killed most everyone else in the United States off. Most who have survived have some sort of contagious auto immune blood disease making them weak and frail. This continues to decimate the remainder of the population. The world has also changed due to global warming making life for those who have survived even more difficult.

The world is a sad, quiet place, and Hig misses what has been lost, however, at the same time he is able to tap into what is means to simply live, to simply be present with what is. He has his dog, he has his fishing and the forest, and his tiny garden all of which he tends to and connects with. In addition, Hig has a friend named Bangley who loves weapons in all forms, especially guns. When marauders enter their space, Bangley goes to the extreme - shoot first in defense, no questions asked, ever. Hig longs for more human connection and longs to trust in people again. When Hig hears a call while out flying his plane one day he cannot stop thinking about it.

This eventually leads to Hig flying off in search of other survivors whom he does come to find. Eventually love finds a way into his life again as well. The relationships are dynamic, the emotions conveyed realistically. The ending is hopeful, raw and real. I wont give it away here....

The story is also written in a unique format. Words are missing. Sentences are in fragments. This has the potential to drive you crazy, just keep reading and get past it. In the end it helps make the story more unique. Highly recommended.

Other excellent recommended books similar to The Dog Stars

The Road
The Road

The boy. The man. The darkness that surrounds them as they try to survive. Intense, well written and thought provoking. I still think of this book often even years after reading it.

The Light Between Oceans
The Light Between Oceans

An excellent novel that I simply could not put down. You know it has to end with some sadness but you are just not sure how things will pan out for all the characters you grow to feel for and love as you read. This intense and heartbreaking novel is highly recommended..


This book was on the Amazon Best Books of the month for August 2012!

Have you read the Dog Stars?  What did you think?

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