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The Dog Stars by Peter Heller: A Believable Novel About the End of the World

Updated on August 30, 2017

A Book of Survival and Hope

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller is science fiction so the fact that I read it is sort of amazing. I almost put it down when I started reading it but am so glad I hung in there!

This novel about the end of the world--well, about the few remaining humans left in the world--is compelling and believable saving it from the didn't-finish-it book pile.

If you enjoy reading science fiction that's not too over the top or a really good book that asks you to just go with it and trust it's worth the journey, The Dog Stars is for you.

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

The Dog Stars, A Novel - by Peter Heller

Do You Like Reading Science Fiction Books?

Do You Like Reading Science Fiction Books?

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A Man and His Dog

Digital elevation model map of Colorado.
Digital elevation model map of Colorado.

In The Dog Stars, Hig and his dog Jasper survived a flu that wiped out most of the world's population.

I don't know about you, but I like to read a book or watch a movie with little outside influence. I don't read reviews of books or movies beforehand. I want to like it or not on my own.

So, with that in mind, and without giving too much away, here are some details about this novel.

Main Characters: Hig, Jasper (Hig's dog), Bangley

Setting: the Front Range of Colorado, north of Denver, and beyond

Time: undetermined but in the future because at one point the movie Avatar is mentioned as an older movie

Hig's Hobbies: fishing, hunting, hanging out with Jasper, putting up with Bangley, flying his 1956 Cessna plane

Image Credit: Colorado digital elevation model map in the public domain courtesy of the USGS.

An Exchange Between Hig and Pony Tail

Pony Tail: The A-rabs. You can kill us

but the A-rabs will kill you.

Hig: What d'you mean the A-rabs?

Pony Tail: We heard it. In Pueblo. Ham radio.

The A-rabs. They're here. Or coming. Kill us all."

~ from The Dog Stars

Have You Read The Dog Stars by Peter Heller?

Have You Read The Dog Stars by Peter Heller?

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Well Written but Breaks Lots of Rules

Peter Heller is an excellent writer.

He's written three nonfiction books, and

writes for NPR and magazines like

National Geographic Adventure and Outside Magazine.

But in The Dog Stars, since this is a novel where rules

can and often are broken, he takes great liberties.

He uses little punctuation.

No quotation marks. Sentences run on.

But it's okay. It's a different time.

Practically all of society is gone so

why waste time on things like that?

Time to Spectulate

How Do You Think the World Will End?

More "End of the World" Novels

The Age of Miracles: A Novel
The Age of Miracles: A Novel

I read this book and immediately thought of it while reading The Dog Stars. The author also draws out the end of the world and highlights it through a few characters' eyes. It's soft and subtle and lovely.


Have You or Will You Read The Dog Stars?

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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      I probably left comment enough above. I see so many of your titles I intend to get to.... You are very talented and it's good to have you here with us in Hubville.

    • profile image

      kathryn-gillespie 4 years ago

      I'm putting it on my list to read. I read The Road and liked it!