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the dream (when darkness turns to light)

Updated on June 17, 2009

  (The Dream)

I head to my bed on one cold night, took off my slippers, pulled the covers, and dug my body deep into the cold bed.  Once again I sang myself to sleep as tears claimed my cheeks. I went to sleep and surrendered to the dark. My arms open wide and fell into the deep.

I opened my eyes and then, I was in a bizarre place. The place was a wreck. Broken buildings and trash covered it form top to bottom. As I walked my leg bugged me so I took a second to look to see what the problem was. I found the broken glass plunging through my fragile skin and that was pretty aggravating. Blood seeped from my feet and marked every single step I took. I opened my eyes wide, trying to wake myself up but it was useless. “This is just a dream girl, so just have to play around until this thing is over!” I walked but the ruins looked the same blood, shattered glass, crushed buildings to the floor, yellow papers and smoke. I wonder what place is this. I walked and saw one building that I recognized. It was home! Was it?

            It seemed that was the only place the survived the blast (I thought that only a blast or a rocket would do to a whole city that damage!) I stared with my mouth opened, fully wide, unable to comprehend the situation. “What happened here?” A cold wind slapped my hair on my face over and over again. The sign that would make a sane man change his course due to that. But I didn’t.

            I found my legs walking on their own; my arms reached to the door and pulled the knob. All what I could do was stare into the atmosphere thinking for an answer to all the questions the popped in my mind. It was as if I was being commanded and driven into that place on purpose. The same wind blew over and over again but this time it hurt and burned.

 I found myself in our little living room. I was startled at the beginning by a little voice that appeared to hide in the corner of room. I couldn’t see the face, so I called “hey why are you crying ?”At that instant another voice came from the kitchen from the back. The voice came closer, and as it came closer, it appeared to be a familiar face. I was speechless. I was frightened. A spasm stopped me from running to the door. I was frozen just like a useless log unable to move or speak!

It was me covered in tears. I looked so vulnerable so weak! I looked at my face I couldn’t understand. What happe-? Why—cry-? What happe--ned here?

The face in the corner held its head up. At that moment, the hair on my neck stood up! “What the hell is going here? Who are you? What do you want from me? Wha-tt-t” I fell hit my head hard and was left unconscious. I felt my soul go out of my body. It felt like I was a mist that was stuck in that room. The shadows that supposedly were me, showed me the course of my life that I have taken bit by bit. They showed me what I would have become if I remain what I am. They were the creature I created by making those choices that I did in life. They were my conscience, my worst fears. They were me!

            “You can’t live your life regardless to consequences!” she stated,” You have to rise up and earn your rightful place on god’s land! Life is not easy and you have to understand that. The journey of life is marked with unexpected twists and turns that surprises us and keep life interesting. The plots of the stories you read all have twists and that will intrigue and surprise you....and in some cases shock you." Yet, the most interesting story is yours to write. For it is the best story ever told.”

I looked deep into those brown eyes thinking of what I just heard. The shadow in the corner approached me and put her hand on my shoulder. It was cold as ice, pale, and rigid. She then moved her hands and placed them on my face. “Look into my eyes my child.”

            I looked and stared so deep and all I saw was pain, hardship, and more pain. Her cold hands robbed my face over and over again. She said, “Life is like a huge ship that is facing a storm. You are the commander of your own ship. Your journey is marked with lots of twists and turns. My child, you carry the key of your success to reach dry land in your hand and heart. But on the other hand, you carry the weapon of mass-destruction. You are given the choice and this is a gift for you to cherish. Like the sea on a dark stormy night, you will have your share of challenges in life. But like the captain of a ship you make all the decisions, either to sharply cut through those merciless waves that seek to sink you, or simply give up and let the sea devour you. You have to understand that we are always given the choice . But I know you! You can rise up to every challenge, and conquer it! You can make it through this life. But more importantly, you can stand out of a crowd, speak the hard truth and lead the people into a safe dry land. Rise up from the ashes like a phoenix rebirthing!”

Later, I found myself off the bed with a bump on my head. Ouch that dream felt so real!!

Soten ni Zase !! Sit on top of the frozen heavens!  dӑяК fцйЗrдl !
Soten ni Zase !! Sit on top of the frozen heavens! dӑяК fцйЗrдl !


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