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The Fine line Between Reality and Escapism

Updated on August 23, 2013


I've thought a lot about whether or not my goal of having a supernaturally unique adventure is just some fantasy I crave So I can escape from the real world. A few people, who I've told, Say that what I'm seeking is an escape from reality. As you can imagine, when I was first told that, I was pretty taken back. When I started comparing the characteristics and traits of my goal to the word, Escapism, I started to see Similarities with both. I started to wonder, "Is my goal just some childish escapism? Am I really just running away from reality in all it's meaning? Is it really only possible in my dreams?"

After contemplating this idea in my head for a while, I came to a conclusion. NO! WHAT I'M THRIVING FOR IS NOT A FORM OF ESCAPISM!


The Meaning

Escapism is like an exit way away from reality. Many people escape from reality everyday. Mostly teens. When we play video games for an excess amount of time, that is escapism. When we watch season after season of different T.V series, that is escapism. When we are on the computer hours on end, yea buddy, you are escaping reality. That being said, I'm not saying that what we do to escape from reality is a bad thing. It just isn't essentially real in terms of it being physical.


the meaning

I was reluctant to use the word reality, because reality does not have to mean the physical world. Heaven and Hell is a reality to christians, while different planes such as the astral plane is a reality to the New Age spiritual believers. For purpose sake, we'll use the reality that all humans (As far as I know) are planted in until death do them part: The physical reality. I say "physical reality", but it obviously isn't just composed of touch. I mean your life, not some kind of role play. That being said, Even people who escape reality are still part of reality (if that make sense). What I mean is that, for example, Some 25 year old girl who plays a video game where she's a warrior is still just a 25 year girl who plays video games.

What category my Goal fall under

(spoiler alert, it's Reality.)

At 1st, when I previously thought about whether or not my supernaturally unique adventure was just a form of escapism or reality, I was leaning towards escapism. That is mainly because of the word, Supernatural. I obliviously stuck the word supernatural with things that are impossible. Things that, at the very least, can only happen in your head (or out of it by using astral projection). When someone pointed out that I might be looking for a route to escapism, I wondered that because I was into astral projection at the time. That is basically when you actually leave your bod (google for more info). Anyways, I believe astral projection is a form of escapism since you're not physically engaging yourself (Even if you aren't role playing). After thinking about it a lot, I decided that I will not use astral projection as my gateway. I will only use it as a catalyst. That basically means I will not let astral projection become my supernaturally unique adventure. I will only use it to help me find it, if at all.

Conclusion - What do you guys think

While I do believe I am not trying to escape reality, you guys my think otherwise. Please use the poll below to tell me whether or not I am using my goal for a supernaturally unique adventure to escape reality. Also, comment to explain yourself.

Is my search for a supernaturally unique adventure just an escape from reality?

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