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the first love part 1

Updated on January 5, 2016

first love part 1

Ahmed, a young man showsA handsome young man and his body looks like a sportsman because he was playing karate when he was young and he will enter the national team of his country in karate, but after he was named the team his province to represent because he entered four tournaments at the county level and in the two tournaments he played in the largest of the age level, however, was to win the tournament but to his young age did not satisfy him his fatherOther travel to the province to participate in the provincial championship and which ones will be selected for his country, namely Egypt and its team of the best teams in the worldThus Finish Ahmed practice karate although coachSaid to him, you're sure to choose to be in the Egyptian national team and I expected you to win first place in the world, but God forbid, so I took the life of Ahmed was sincere Lessa age Sath primary, but after that the old became the 12 years the world took him in another direction. Ahmed was on leave FEDE and now has left the sport and succeeded in primary education, a total of 95.5% and left Ahmed in the first day of vacation for the first time to play in the street and were home at the end dead end street, any street one entrance and found the boys in the age of playing football and was one of the boys Mohammed Sabah Hubaysh and Mr. Osman and the opinion of a car that pulled by a horse which is backed by Ali Hait car only without the horse jumped Ahmed sat above then girl voice was heard in the same age her name Ola and was looking out from the window of the second round and was spoke brother Osman says throw me the ball and suddenly kicked Mohammed Hubaysh hatred came hand Ahmed took it with his right foot and took to play ball Kalphluwan about six times borne of his right foot to apply without descend the ball on the ground have been able to do so as he sat on the car pulled by a horse for the first time in the ball game because of the sense of sports and then kicked the ball directly to Mohammed Hubaysh everyone pay attention Ahmed and what does the ball and said a beautiful girl and you play your view what is the hatred which the club plays its name and saw her almost Ahmed, a fly of happiness and Otsmt face Ahmed Ali and Ola smile and exchange of Ahmed Ola Ola admiring glances and MSI.? I finished the first part waited Part IIWritten Gasser Mohammed Abdo

The next morning the sleep Ahmed, his brother named Saeed is the largest of it for five years and made their mother have tea with milk and sandwiches, cheese and the clock refers to the first ten noon and went Ahmed and looked out the window and heard the sound of Ola was Ahmed lives in the first round and after Ola second appeared in front of the net, which was architecture that inhabit the whole Ola King to her father looked Ola Ahmed and all smiled and said hello with Ahmed
Then his mother called him and said I'm coming lectured Hey Mama went to his mother, she said to him you an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtoday's deal in mycosis half a loaf was not complemented each yogurt tray, he said to his mother present and eat yogurt tray and heard voices Ahmed boys play ball in the street
He said to his mother Aaoz go out to play with them, his mother said Mavi play in the street Vsamahma father said to leave it comes out to play wearing Ahmed clothes off and went out to play with them two teams and played and felt Ahmed that the best and one of them to play with it the match was not played before but it was fast responded fast to do and Batalm any movement in the ball quickly and ended Camacho and earning team Ahmed was on his team, Mohammed Hubaysh who Tsadegoaala some more and went every one of his home and the second day was the day of the concert P said Mohammed Hubaysh Ahmed Ahmed aloud only to wake up Ahmed, darling, I will change my clothes and come with you and Ostizn from his father and went Ahmed found Mohammed Hubaysh and master the way Muhammad Hubaysh went to the supermarket and bought 6 cigarettes a quarter pounds and watched Ahmed cigarettes laughed and then went three one area Vihash end is full of place Balzbalh and lit Ahmed cigarette master after lit a cigarette and Khawwa and Ahmed cheek Alkiprith Ahan fond of his cigarette and having lit a matchstick throw Alkiprith in involuntary movement and lighted a cigarette and started all Balekh said Mohammed Sayed Ahmed why after that lit your cigarette thrown Alkiprith and here said Ahmed what Oarafh then everyone began to cough and laugh and this was the beginning of the reign of Ahmed and his friends smoking a cigarette and then said Aaosen waste Perfume cigarettes work A. Ahmed said that Hohlha and bought that pulp and so I went smell of cigarettes and the spirit of each one's house and he used Ahmed to get out of the street and in the time they Balabboa Orhan hit Osman Ahmed foot Ahmed told him to hit me on my feet again Hodrbak and because Osman was the largest of Ahmed means Osman has 14 years, and Ahmed 12 years Osman hit in the legs and were beaten its purpose it is with Ahmad and here and signed a battle between Ahmed Osman flew Ahmed and face punch with his foot came in the face of Osman and the other with his foot left the belly of Osman then beat Bucks in his eye. He bled Dmaosman of his mouth and swollen eyes then grabbed Hubaysh and Sid Ahmed and his sister and Ola screamed my brother was You see the problem from the net
And the astonishment of Hubaysh and Mr. Ola of movements that hit by Ahmad Osma felt they were watching the scene in the movie to Brosli important heard Hubaysh the voice of the mother of Osman took Ahmed was with him away, complaining or Osman's mother Ahmed and returned Ahmad House and Zaalt his mother what he did Ahmed Les hit Osman and said to him, What Fish out of the street O Ahmad
Written Gasser
And waited for the next part2


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