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The Free Word Game for Writers: Word 1 - Aroma

Updated on February 5, 2013

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This free word game is on-going and you can play it 'til you can't play any more! Word 1 is Aroma.

An "Aroma" can make you pleased. Right?

However, you could also curl your nose up and stop breathing for a bit because of how disgustingly nose-curling and non-breathable some aromas can actually be.

Can you create five sentences with the word aroma? If not, how 'bout four? Three? Two? Oh come on, you can do better than just one!

In fact, you'll have to do better than just one sentence with the word "Aroma" in it to be a part of this game. You'll need to have a minimum of five sentences that include the word "aroma" in them. If you choose not to do so, but decide to post anyway, that's okay... BUT you'll risk having your post(s) deleted - unless it's just REALLY good!

The rules of this Word Game are very simple

Write five sentences with the word "aroma" ineach of them. Be as creative as possible. Choose to be funny, if you'dlike. Be serious if that befits your demeanor. Be whomever you'd liketo be when you type your sentences.

You're not limited to the number of times you can post five new sentences with Aroma... AND you are allowed to use variations on the word.

Another Side-Note (This is an important one):
Thesentences that you post must fall within the limitations of HubPages,Google Adsense, Kontera, eBay and most importantly, me! No cursing orother foul language, etc. etc. etc.

Let me say this part again... you are not limited to the number of times you can play the game. With that said, who'd like to start the game?


Sorry. Nope.

I'm first.


Here goes:

  1. The word aroma surely can have a stink about it.
  2. How aromatic can a game be?
  3. Bless-ed be the person that cast that aromatically awful stench.
  4. Make your sentences have aromas of their own!
  5. I wonder if this sentence would be considered to be aromatic reading if written while the writer was enjoying aroma therapy?

Not bad, eh?

I'm kidding with you. I'm not actually in the game. I thought I'd play a little game within the game... eeh... okay... sorry! :)


Now it's your turn to play!

Oh, the prizes?

I almost forgot! :)

There aren't any --- yet.Well you'll just have to type your sentences and then bookmark thispage to see if I can ever come up with any prizes that would bebefitting of your linguistic skills. Thank you, ahead of time, forbeing so creative with the word aroma. :D

Check back soon. Check back later. Check back often.

Maybe prizeswill happen one day... maybe! :) (Then again, maybe not... I think I'mshooting to add prizes sometime in the year 2025 or so. But who knows,it may happen this year... you'll just need to bookmark this page tofind out.)

A poll...

How did you like this writing exercise?

See results

Type five sentences with the word aroma in each.

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    • ProCW profile image

      ProCW 4 years ago from South Carolina

      Hey there, C.A. Hubberpants and Lady Guinevere. I am sorry for not attending to my hubs properly. I will try to do better!!!

      Thank you for submitting those aromatically stinky, stinky again, putrid, grassy, salty, foul, making-me-hungry, stinky, stinky again, ammonia-based-stinky-smell --- (eww!) and each, in their own respects, great sentences. :)

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 8 years ago from West By God

      While running over an already hit animal we wondered what kind it was and found the aroma that entered the car filtration system very revealing of what kind of animal that was.

      Garlic butter has it very own unique aroma as it fills the room.

      Cats, when sick, need food that has a strong aroma to eat it.

      The aroma that seeps into the air from someones feet as te remove their shoes can knock one out.

      A good indicator of when one of our cats left a surpise for us in the litterbox is when a strong aroma wafts around the bathroom door into the living room.

    • C.A. Hubberpants profile image

      C.A. Hubberpants 8 years ago from HubPages Lounge

      After a night of mud wrestling, my pits were emitting the definite aroma of an onion.

      Yikes, I smell the aroma of burnt meatloaf left in the oven for far too long while I was hubbing!

      Where in the heck is that putrid aroma coming from that assaults my nose and makes it weep with boogers?

      Fresh cut grass is the most pleasant aromatic smell of summer.

      Salty aromatic sweat dripped from his body after mowing the grass.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      But wait! It could be a major site... but keep that private.

      I can't stop...

      I don't think there's one colonel of anything useful...

      Leaving now.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Now you're just suckin' up! ;-)

      You were probably right about "mui." I think the translation site is general... generally speaking.

    • ProCW profile image

      ProCW 8 years ago from South Carolina

      so i was way off with the "mui" oops! :)

      yeah... you were right... i liked 'em... :) how creative you are... :)

      and thanks for the compliment! :)


    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Thought you might like those.  They were actually (according to a translation page I use sometimes) Both words for "aroma."  Honest!  Korean (north or south - can't remember) and Hungarian.

      Also:  Great idea for a hub.

    • ProCW profile image

      ProCW 8 years ago from South Carolina

      Constant Walker... ... ...

      illat - Hungarian word for fragrance? :) (I wonder how many of us speak Hungarian. I'm not one of us that does... :) You made me break out the wiktionary.)

      mui tho'm - mui (very?), tho'm (huh?)

      fishskinfreak - thanks! :)

    • fishskinfreak2008 profile image

      fishskinfreak2008 8 years ago from Fremont CA

      Very good tone as usual. Very funny. Thumbs up

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      The aroma was so foul I'm pretty sure I lost my eyesight for a moment.

      The well orchestrated, covert flatulence is one which is silent, but leaves a pugent aroma hanging, like a thick fog, in the air for unsuspecting passers by.

      I love tomatoes, especially a nice juicy a-roma!

      The mui tho'm was stronger than I would have expected.

      I had no idea what kind of incense she was burning, but the illat was intoxicating...

    • ProCW profile image

      ProCW 8 years ago from South Carolina

      Great jobs Dottie, Jane & Warren!

    • profile image

      Warren 8 years ago

      The aroma of death hung in the air, dense and inescapable.

      Her perfume wafted across the table, its aroma simple and pleasant.

      I find that people become perturbed when I use the word aroma in casual conversation.

      The clown’s aroma was both distinct and entirely unfunny.

      I was beginning to think that naming my strip club The Aroma of Love had been a mistake.

    • profile image

      Jayne 8 years ago

      There was an aroma of burning electrical wire and a flash of blue light!

      The kitchen filled with the aromatic smell of cooking stew.

      An unpleasant aroma came from the drain beneath the window.

      I love the aroma of freshly baked bread.

      Nothing quite like the aroma of a full blown rose.

    • Dottie1 profile image

      Dottie1 8 years ago from MA, USA

      The aroma of baked bread in the grocer can prompt you to splurge on unnecessary junk food.

      At the Aroma Kitchen & Winebar in New York City you will be taken to a new level of Italian taste and wine enjoyment.

      If you like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee then you will love a latte scented candle.

      With the flip of a switch, the new Aromatic Expresso Machine will begin great coffee.

      Let the sweet aroma of praise fill the air.


    • ProCW profile image

      ProCW 8 years ago from South Carolina

      Great ones Bob!

    • Bob Ewing profile image

      Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

      The aroma of the lilies fills the room.

      Onions can give off a very strong aroma.

      Sweat socks are aromatic but not pleasant.

      Aroma therapy is very popular.

      A meal's aroma can enhance the taste or make you retch.