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Paper Printed Books verses Electronic Books - The Good Book Debate

Updated on June 18, 2013
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The Good Book Debate

Over a few decades ago, there has been speculation on the significant death of paper printed books. This has resulted in the good book debate. The existence of devices such Noble's book, Barnes, Apple's I-pads and Amazon's Kindle among others indicate the viability of e-books as alternatives for paper printed books. Moreover, book sales in many book stores across the globe are declining while there has been significant rise in popularity and market share of e-books. Our question of concern under the book debate here is does this mean printed books are on their way out?

In contemplating our subject of discussion, there are two interesting analogies to begin. The first analogy compares printed books and electronic books to horses and cars. Printed books are termed as horses while e-books are termed as cars. Note that use of horses was traditional way of travelling while use of cars is modern way of travelling. Therefore, e-book is a new version of reading while paper printed books are old way of reading.

While contemplating this great book debate, there is another analogue that tries to answer why paper printed books are diminishing in our book stores. This second analogy compares theaters and movies. Over time movies have try to face up theaters; however, theater lovers still adore it. Remember that if you have been in paper printed books' business for quite long, you may already know the position of these printed books in a book debate. Perhaps you will agree with me that there is nothing that comes with relaxation as well as satisfaction to curl up with a cup of coffee and a nice paper printed book.

The good book debate on the issue of diminishing of printed books holds that e-books are portable than printed ones. In addition, virtual books are not easily damaged. I believe technology here has a role to play; however, to read an e-book, you must have an electronic device such computers that are costly. Therefore, any book debate will point out e-book and associate it with those with electronics devices only. On the other hand, paper printed books are for all category of people, those with computers and those without. E-books lovers hold a thought that it is hard to get lost while reading an electronic book. They believe that you adjust print size of an electronic book to suit your eye reading capability either from a computer or your cell phone. However, you need also consider getting interrupted by emails and phone calls. Printed books are just form of escape from real world.

There is much that can be said about convenience of technology in any good book debate. Perhaps the world is a better place because of technology in quite a number of ways. On the other hand, technology has had its drawbacks not only in great book debates but also across other spheres of life. It is a real shame that our libraries have been overlooked and forgotten. As much as we appreciate e-books, paper printed books are there and have preserved a lot of information, culture, tradition and earlier philosophies. Therefore, they should not be overlooked.

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