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The Monotonous Pursuit of Joy

Updated on July 19, 2017

what to do what to do

shall i lie here and gaze upon the marvellous white space that separates the sky from my face

nothing new nothing new

boredom consumes me and restless pursues me

my thoughts suddenly on a wild goose chase

my brain almost turned to an icky fuchsia goo

but the white space became like glue

to hold my thoughts in place and let me start the chase

the chase of meaning instead of leaning

on the crutch of every day

trying to make it look like im gleaming

when in reality i am screaming

screaming because outside i'm paralized and inside my head i am told lies

lies of life from characters of plight

the voices in my head are all crying out

i tried to find yellow but its all grey now


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