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the naked dream

Updated on October 29, 2014

Waking up Naked

The first thing I feel is that i am wet and wrapped in someone's arms. Opening my eyes i see that i am in a pool, other people are in the pool and a guy holding me then he yells 'get the hell out!' I comply and start to get out but look down and see that i have no clothes on. I ask the guy if i could get something to wear but the people continue to scream at me to leave. I run out on the street, covering my naughty bits look for any type of cloth. I get weird looks from bystanders as I walk and all i can do is give them a small smile. 'Where is my house' i think to myself as i start to jog my way. I hide behind a fence to catch my breath then i see a blanket on the fence. i grab it, wrapping it around myself and going my way again home. The thing i still wonder is: what the hell did i do last night?


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