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Writing: The Neighbors Basement

Updated on September 30, 2012

The Neighbor's Basement

A group of children find themselves interrupted in life by a misguided professor who has stumbled onto a secret that has eluded man since the beginning of time.

The Neighbor's Basement is a story about life interrupted and never set right. A story of normal kids thrust into a new world only dream of by mystic minds.

So what do a Bully, a Nerd, the Popular Girl, and the Shy Girl all have in common, and what happens when they add a fifth member of their little club

Professor Barnhauer
Professor Barnhauer


My entry in NaNoWriMo 2008

Most recent updates

A massive re-write is taking shape. A good friend of mine from #WIP500 on Twitter has become my critique partner recently and she has picked Neighbor's Basement of all of my stories to hit me over the head with. So far I am on a total rough draft, that is staying true to the old story, but is picking up where I had left bland characters and descriptions. People liked it 4 years ago, they will love it now.

Some of the changes include: the kids are older and more suitable for the YA target audience. Some of the stranger pieces of my mind will be deleted and replaced with more showing of the powers that these kids will embrace. It will hopefully stay about the same size - hovering around 65 - 75,000 words. I will be showing more of Barnhauer and Detective Dart too. Much of the story will be from their perspectives.

The Dog and His Girl graphic novel has been shelved for now. Taking it's place on the art table will soon be SpeedBreaker.

Past Updates

This was the facebook contest winner for me to turn into a graphic novel! I am currently finished with an art restyling and am posting my wares on my new blog Swing by and take a look!

It has been sent to! Finally published! Yay! {cough cough}

Okay, I'm calm now. All editing is finished for now and the first edition is available in soft cover and ebook. Hard cover also is available.

The Paperback

The eBook

Grammerly helped, but isn't fool proof, still had to do some final edits before I started formatting for the softcover.

Old Update

A side story submission called A Dog And His Girl, just was one of six or seven winners announced for the February The contest was designed to get more entries for the Page2Fame contest. Page2Fame at WeBook is a contest that the community votes up the first page of a novel. If it gets enough votes, then it progresses to stage two, which requires five pages. If it passes the community vote then a Literary Agent puts their marks on it. If it passes that, then it moves to the next stage where the entire novel is posted for a vote. If it passes that vote, WeBook publishes it for that author.

The admins of the Create A Monster contest for February have said that they wish to see a novel from that story. So I guess, there will be a sequel to Neighbor's Basement! Coming Soon: A Dog And His Girl - The Legend Of The Riverdale Angel

This, as of Summer 2011, is on pause of all of my other projects. I need to finish some before adding new ones. But it will happen, as it will be a more grown up friendly version of the same story, to be told by a very unassuming person that we meet early but never understand who it could be until the end of the story.

An Exerpt

From Chapter One (pre edit!)

The shy Kimberly Rice jumped from the chair, her books in her arms in a defensive gesture. He nodded his thanks, for not making him use any more energy than he needed to.

He plopped down as Kim found another seat. He loved the smell of this girl's hair. He also liked that she wasn't too scared of him, so was one of the few that would stand up to him. Almost like she knew he wouldn't hurt her. Knowing that made him warm.

Someone respecting him enough to stand up to him. Something he missed horribly. His mother was the only other person who would. His father was the one who did the pushing at home, so Kenny knew fear like he extruded from people here.

"What do you want Kenny?" The soft voice in front of him melted his heart, but he couldn't let that show.

"Nothin' Apryl, mind you own damn bidness."

She turned to face him, her long blonde hair falling all over his arms leaned on the desk. Her grey-ish blue eyes and her hair on his skin made him shudder. But he took in a deep breath and looked her right in those light irises.

"Leave my hair alone this time, or I'll kick your butt, myself. It took me all night to get your gum out of it."

He wanted to tell her that he would have loved to help, but he chuffed enough air from his nostrils to blow her bangs from her face. To him it was almost like a kiss, but he kept up appearances, still frowning behind his hair, "Whutever."

Neighbor's Basement the Novel
Neighbor's Basement the Novel

Basement's Core Characters

This module will be an overview of the kids and the adults who make up the story of The Neighbor's Basement.

Kennedy Dart-Lawde - The bully of epic proportions, well at least for a 10 year olds. His detective father kept him in school by the same intimidation tactics aimed at the school officials. All Kenny had to do was show up enough to get credit to pass to the next grade. But he wasn't stupid. He was a closet geek.

Apryl Gaashe - Her mother has just died in a car accident, making her father dive into alcohol and abuse. She makes a stand against Kenny and they end up a couple because of it.

Brent Chalmers - The resident geek of the school. Regularly picked on by Kenny but finally has enough when Kimberly gets hurt in one of Kenny's bullying sessions. Kenny then finds that Brent can't be beaten with the usual methods.

Kimberly Rice - The shy, timid one of the bunch. Also the one who has to be rescued from the basement. The first of Barnhauer's experiments. The first Neo-Frankestein child.

Dr. Barnhauer - A misguided neurophysicist and microbiologist who's young daughters death from a crippling disease caused him to go off his rocker. Using ULF and UHF to stimulate the mind into opening unused areas of the brain. First for medicinal purposes, but ultimately for the next step of evolution.

Angel Faust - A little girl with a real problem, but soon becomes the most powerful of all of Barnhauer's crew, and he wasn't the one who programmed her. Because of Angel, they find just how powerful this new mind power is.

Buster - Barnhauer's right hand, er, dog, er, robot, er, man... Purposely designed to look like K9 from the Dr. Who TV series. Eventually helps the children against his own creator.

Detective Dart - Kenny's abusive father who suddenly gets what he deserves and breaks him. He helps the kids run from the CIA later.

Miss Bradley - The school teacher who would love nothing more than to take each of these kids under her wing... And she has a secret too.

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