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The Night Ranger (A John Wells Novel)

Updated on April 26, 2013

The Night Ranger By Alex Berenson

The last book I read was "The Night Ranger", a book by Alex Berenson. The main character in Alex Berenson's books is John Wells, ex CIA, ex Al Queda infiltrator, ex, ex, ex... it's the story of John's life. His wife left him, his son wants nothing to do with him, the love of his life is dead, his new girl wants to get married. One day John gets a call from his son asking for help, and of course, he agrees. This could be a new beginning for these two, and John wants that more than anything.

How can John help? Four young volunteers in Kenya have been kidnapped and one of them happens to be the sister of the girl young Wells is dating. That's how John gets involved in this. He goes in without the help of the CIA and it ends up being more than he bargained for. He's not familiar with Kenya and has no contacts there to help him if he needs it. Worse yet, the plot thickens throughout the entire story, and the situation ends up with one of the volunteers dying and the US ready to send troops in to save these kids.

The picture of the book is from Amazon and you can find the book on this page. With spring and summer coming up you are going to need a good book to read, "The Night Ranger" is a thrilling story, perfect for some summer excitement.

John Wells Books By Alex Berenson

The Night Ranger (A John Wells Novel)
The Night Ranger (A John Wells Novel)

The newest book released by Alex Berenson.

The Faithful Spy (A John Wells Novel)
The Faithful Spy (A John Wells Novel)

Meet John Wells, CIA agent. John has lived undercover for years, he's actually infiltrated al Qaeda. He has also become a devote Muslim. Living in Pakistan for years has changed John. Is he a defector or is he still a "Faithful Spy".

The Shadow Patrol (A John Wells Novel)
The Shadow Patrol (A John Wells Novel)

American soldiers are dying and it's up to John Wells to stop it in "The Shadow Patrol". Join Wells on another interesting mission in Afghanistan.

The Silent Man (A John Wells Novel)
The Silent Man (A John Wells Novel)

John Wells and CIA agent Jenny Exley are engaged and living together in our country's capital, Washington, D.C. That is they were until one morning, and one attack too many. Middle Eastern factors have attacked John and Jenny while they were driving into work. To top it all off Atomic Bombs are missing and it's up to Wells to find them. John Wells is a great character and a true, blue American hero. I can't get enough of him.


Alex Berenson - Meet The Author

What's Your Favorite John Wells Book By Alex Berenson?

The book cover for Alex Berenson's The Faithful Spy.  This is the very first story where we meet John Wells.
The book cover for Alex Berenson's The Faithful Spy. This is the very first story where we meet John Wells.

I've read all the books written by Alex Berenson and have enjoyed each and everyone of them. But even so, I do have a favorite. It's "The Faithful Spy", the book where I first meet John Wells and come to admire and love his character.

The picture of the book is from Amazon and you can find it for sale on this page.

Which Alex Berenson John Wells Book Is Your Favorite?

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The Seventh John Wells' Book

What's The Night Ranger About?

"The Night Ranger" is the seventh book featuring our hero, John Wells. This book is a bit different than Berenson's others. The setting is very different and so are the circumstances surrounding the events in the book.

The setting of "The Night Ranger" is Somalia.

Four college students are doing some volunteer work in Kenya, near the border of Somalia. The trouble starts when they take a vacation and are kidnapped along the way. Somalian bandits are the culprits and they are looking for some easy money.

One of the students is the sister of a girl Evan Wells is dating. Evan asks his father, John, to help and John cannot say no to his son. Things aren't good between father and son, and Wells has been trying to have a relationship with his child. This is the opening he has been praying for.

Kenya and Somalia are not familiar places to Wells, so he's going in blind with no contacts. It's not a good scenario for a mission, but he goes ahead anyway. If it were too easy, the book wouldn't be as good as it is.

Alex Berenson Books - Have You Read Any?

Have Your Read Any Of Alex Berenson's John Wells Books

Who Do You Think Should Play John Wells In A Movie Version?

I can't imagine there won't be a movie based on the Alex Berenson books featuring John Wells. They've got to! Now, who do you think should play John Wells? I've put some ideas here, choose one of them or write in your own favorite character choice.

The Character Of John Wells Should Be Played By ...

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What's The Worst That Could Happen

If You Read One Of These Books?

What's the worst that could happen if you read one of these books? Well, you could decide it's not for you, you don't like reading it. Well, then you just put it down. It's not a big deal, but what if you decide you do like it, and you can't put it down, and you get another author to put on your favorites list? That's what happened to me when I first read "The Faithful Spy". I feel like I met a real live hero, one who cares about what's going on and yes, I know it's fiction, but it feels real. What else can you ask from a book?

I love to find good books to read, so why not share your favorite character and books with me. I might want to check them out for myself! I find it so amazing that a writer can bring his or her characters to life on the pages of a book, so alive that I feel as though I know them. I do so love to read and meet new people, visit new places and see things I've never seen before.

What's Your Favorite Character From A Book?

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