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The Order of the Stick

Updated on February 5, 2013

The Order of the Stick

The Order of the Stick web comic began in 2003. I found it shortly after that while browsing the internet at work. (Don't tell my boss). I laughed so hard that I cried.

Not only were the Dungeons & Dragons references funny, but the sheer geek factor and delicious satire had me hooked.

The Order of the Stick are a band of Heroes. They go on various quests, killing monsters, racking up XP, liberating treasure, and finding arcane objects of power. They are a diverse group of adventures that do not always get along.

Read on to learn why I love The Order of the Stick.

Members of The Order of the Stick

Adventurers Extraordinaire

Members of The Order of the Stick

Roy Greenhilt - Fearless leader of this band of heroes. A tough, experienced fighter who tries to keep everything on track.

Haley Starshine - Female rogue of extraordinary cunning, ready any time with an arrow and a quick pick. Hopelessly in love with Elan.

Belkar Bitterleaf - Hafling, ranger, and miscreant of the party. He is always ready for a fight. Hates Vaarsuvius.

Durkon Thundershield - Durkon, the cleric of Thor, can be counted on for healing and a hard hammer.

Elan the Bard - Dashing and handsome, and slightly dumb, Elan is a joy to be around, except for those who are constantly around him.

Vaarsuvius - She, or he, or whatever, the master wizard with the pet raven is always ready with a rune or spell. Engages in deadly practical jokes with Belkar.

My Favorite OOTS Character

Haley Starshine

Haley Starshine is definitely my favorite Order of the Stick character. I don't know if it is because she is a girl, or a rogue, or because she kicks butt with her bows and arrows. It is probably all those things.

I tend to play rogues in games, so it might be that. Come to think of it I was once hopelessly in love with an idiot, so maybe that is it...

Haley loves gold, like all rogues. She never passes by a chance to loot treasure. This makes her seem materialistic and despicable to the others sometimes, but we learn Haley has a reason.

Haley Starshine Quote

If we start making a scene, knocking off hobbo's left and right, we're gonna have a sorcerer lich ALL up in our business faster than you can say, "inappropriate encounter level." ~ Haley Starshine - # 467

Great OOTS Stuff from Amazon

Long time readers will love to look back on their favorite strips and new readers will appreciate catching up.

Have you read The Order of the Stick?

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    • victoriuh profile image

      victoriuh 5 years ago

      @Soldiersister8184: Yay! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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      Soldiersister8184 5 years ago

      I love OOTS! So nice to find a fellow geek here. :)