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A Beautiful Spring Dance

Updated on January 9, 2016

Every spring an amazing thing happens, spring showers and the suns rays produce a wonderland of beautiful flowers. Spring has prepared a wonderful dance for us, the time has come for Spring to preform a it's beautiful dance. Let's watch this graceful show. Please be seated and enjoy the performance of "A Beautiful Spring Dance."

The performance begins with the grand entrance of rain perfecting his dance of copious showers, a dramatic synchronized piece, and the dance comes to a halt with a gentle soft mist and a beautiful Rainbow!

The Sun warms up the stage with rays of energy that awakens the sleeping seedlings, which, in turn respond in germinating and bursting through the ground.

Plantlings lean forward in a steady rhythmic march, then the morning glories open up in a glorious display of splendor. On cue the birds of a paradise take their waltz of beauty, after which the ballerina orchid preform a dance of lovely twirls and jumps a graceful performance.

Entering in on the heels of the orchids, are the horn blowing calla lilies accompanied by the fragrant dance of the colorful roses that dazzle the audience. What a stimulating performance.

The final act, the spectacular walk of the majestic cherry blossom's as they parade up and down the street, then they take their final bow, an awe-inspiring performance.

Thunder breaks out in a booming crackle as the onlookers give a standing ovation in appreciation of springs beautiful dance.


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