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The Plan

Updated on November 22, 2012

Review: The Plan

The Plan is an awesome book! It's a murder-mystery, love story that will keep you on your toes every chapter! It winds and turns through the murders one at the time and leaves you with an unbelievable ending!

I love the fact that the book takes place back in the 1930-1940 era. The scenes, tones and settings are very descriptive and you can put yourself right there on the streets in Pelford County and smell the Honeysuckle blossoms.

The Plan

Lola Harrison has had recurring nightmares that haunted her in her dreams but as an adult some of those nightmares became a reality. As young adult Lola falls in love with a young preacher man who just moved to town. Murders, hanging the innocent and the burning of the town leave Lola and all of Pelford County on edge.

With the help of the Sheriff, Lola and a few other Pelford County citizens the case is solved...but not after dozens of innocent people die. But how will they stop this horrific creature before he gets them? On the day the town burns and many more innocent citizens dies it's apparent to the whole county who is at fault for the gruesome crimes... By the end of the day Lola finds herself face to face with the killer and the rest is history....or is it? No- thanks to the The Lesson, the 2nd book in the Honey Suckle Chronicles.

The Plan ... Where You Can Find Your Copy!

Currently The Plan is only available at or from W. Charlene Ammons herself. When you get The Plan be sure to pick up The Lesson as well! It's the second book of the Honey Suckle Chronicles and picks up right where The Lesson left off...

Trust me, if you don't already have it on the book shelf when you finish The Plan you will wish you would have listened!

Awesome Book! It's a murder-mystery love story kind of book that will keep you on your toes!

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W. Charlene Ammons Official Site

At the official W. Charlene Ammons site you can find out more about her, what she enjoys, her writings, what inspires her and much more! You may be surprised at what you learn about her! I happen to know her personally and she is a wonderful and very inspiring person. You know, one of those people you just can't help but to enjoy being around!

If you have a Facebook you can also join her group at Fans of W. Charlene Ammons

Her official site:

Postscript of utmost importance

If you buy any of the books recommended above, this page automatically makes a donation to the incredible nonprofit, Donors Choose, which helps provide classrooms and students in need with resources that our public schools often lack.

The Lesson: Honey Suckle Chronicles Book 2 - The Next Book in the Series

Just like The Plan, The Lesson is another great book penned by W. Charlene Ammons. I found myself reading for hours and unable to put it down making it easy to read in just two nights. I real thriller that will keep up with the pace of the first book.

The Lesson: Honey Suckle Chronicles Book 2 picks up right where the plan left off. Lola comes back to Pelford County 20 years after the horrible murders of dozens of Pelford County residents.

After her and her daughter arrive she realized the town is just the way she left it. Friendly, sociable and town gissop never ends. What she failed to realized is that everyone thinks she is a hero for saving the county and riding it of the most horrific person who ever stepped foot in Pelford County. After 20 years they town has mourned, recouped and began to live a normal life again. But that soon changes. Lola is back and so is her enemy!

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