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The Robert Crumb coffee table art book

Updated on July 31, 2015

The R. Crumb Coffee table book - give a special christmas gift from the underground hero of comics.

For all those R. Crumb lovers out there, here it is. This coffee table art book of R. Crumb 's comics shows his work in all it's details. This book from the king of comics is a great gift for all who love his humor and fine art drawings. Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat and the zap comics are well known to the comic lover, but in The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book you will encounter different and unknown drawings from our hero of the underground comics as well. The huge coffee table book is mostly made up of Crumb's comics with some first rate sketchbook drawings. It's a fun to read and informative as well because all chapters are introduced by Crumb where he pretty much tells about his own life. They did a really good job selecting which comics to put in here.

Underground Comics by Robert Crumb

The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb
The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb

Genesis by Robert Crumb is a masterwork. In great detail and without censorship Robert Crumb recreated the stories of the old testament. The story of Adam and Eve, Moses and the plagues in Egypt. The wrath of God and more unique stories. Not to be missed. For Atheist and Believer alike.


The art of The R. Crumb Table Art Book

Why the art book is a lovely conversation piece.

Robert Crumb no more belongs to the group of underground comic artist. His recognition is all over the world, his work can be seen in museums and galleries. What happened with the so called hippie, sexist,racist, psycho, weirdo, nerdy artist of the 60's ?

Well besides his famous adventures with Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural, Flakey Foont and the other fantastic characters of mr. Crumb's fantasy he did a lot of other stuff too. Recently he drew the old testament (not for kids...) and he has always been busy with cartoons of blues heros and of course women...

The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book is printed with the utmost care, as you would expect with good art books.

It is a bit strange to see a underground comic artist having his own coffee table book. But you can never be for ever underground. And the drawings of Robert crumb are absolutely worth looking at. His fanatic crosshatched line work, his surreal but social critical views makes him an artist that may be seen.

This Book will definitely be worth laying on a "coffee table", if you have guests hanging around it surely will be a good conversation piece. And a starting point for an good chat....

Discussions could fly in all direction. The craftsmanship of Robert Crumb, his sexual point of view... or his social awareness...or his passion for the blues...

There is plenty to discover in this book, and being a book about a comic artist, plenty to see too.

The Weirdo Years by R. Crumb: 1981-'93
The Weirdo Years by R. Crumb: 1981-'93

Well, aren't all his years a bit weird ! Robert Crumb is an unique artist who started as an underground comic artist and can now be seen in museums all over the world.


What's the most importent feature of a coffee table book ?

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The Book of Mr. Natural
The Book of Mr. Natural

Mr. Natural is perhaps my favorite character of Robert Crumb. His strange and not of this world remarks are so surreal that the almost become true....


Read the Amazon Reviews

The reviews of The R. Crumb coffee table art book!!!

Already being a fan of Rubert Crumb I was hoping this coffee table book would be published one day, but being a fan you're not always objective. And easily enough you buy something with great expectations that later turn out to be disappointments.

Then it's a good idea to read some of the reviews about The R. Crumb coffee table art book.

I can advise you to read the reviews at Amazon. Most of them have 4 or 5 stars!!!!

One of the reviews said for instance and I completely agree with him


Surely there are few original artists who can claim to have chronicled his life and times in the late 20th/early 21st century with as much gritty accuracy and critical irony as Crumb. His massive self-retrospective R. Crumb Coffee Table Book brings the arc of his work from the very beginning to when it was published in the mid-90s. Unlike most coffee table books which are meant to sit unread on a coffee table, opened only occassionally to kill time before one must leave for an appointment, or to fill an uncomfortable silence in a difficult conversation, Crumb's coffee table book is actually meant to be read. Filled as it is with his work, the combination of drawing and text can be read and looked at without requiring the sustained concentration that makes reading the fine print that usually comprises the text of large unwieldy coffee table books virtually unreadable; therefore, Crumb's book can be read in its entirety just as it was meant to be. Who would have thought it? Comix are the perfect content for a coffee table book!

For more reviews take a look here

The Life and Death of Fritz the Cat
The Life and Death of Fritz the Cat

Fritz the Cat, maybe the most famous cat in the comic world. this 70's liberated funky cat is the master creation of Robert Crumb.

Stick with me folks! I got all the answers
Stick with me folks! I got all the answers

Have you seen the work of R. Crumb before ? And do you think it's suitable for kids or teenagers ? Is it Art or just another comic ? Are comics art ?

A lot of questions come to mind looking at the work of Robert crumb. Would you prefer the hardcover or the paperback as a coffee table book?

Tell me what you think.

Is the work of Robert Crumb too controversial to be a coffee table book? - It's a good conversation piece, that's for sure.

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