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The Scripted Landscape

Updated on May 17, 2016

The Scripted Landscape

When I opened this magazine the goal is to imagine that it is a brick and mortar spot for art conversation, books, music, food and other life necessities for the contemporary art lover.

Stop in any time to browse, read about art and maybe even pick up a great book for your library

or some great music for your ear buds!!



It's an open book!

written/stocked for me, you and anyone

Consider The Scripted Landscape your new little book to open and read any time!

(Plus if you like to live vicariously, there may be some of that too, making this somewhat of an art diary as well.)

I've chosen this Squidoo platform because I like the connectivity, the newness and the wide outreach.

I can sit and image that I have a store, a cafe and an art gallery (again)...dream big - why not.

It's a little place in an awesome, friendly neighborhood...check it out, we're even open 24 hours!

And you don't have to leave your house to visit.

Imagine a Place.... - what would The *real* Scripted Landscape look like?

source Hanny Berguis Montage und Metamechanik
source Hanny Berguis Montage und Metamechanik

Reading Music - music to read by

... a stimulating assortment of music to read by...

take a listen,

and download if

there is something you must add to your library ambiance!!

including Philip Glass (an favorite standard)

and Balmorhea (a new favorite!!)

research for a concrete poem paper about Stephane Mallarme
research for a concrete poem paper about Stephane Mallarme

Scripted Philosophy

content driven accessible writing

I believe in accessible writing that respects art history with a nod toward current times and current dialog.

Don't worry, I won't bore you with too many stories about food ...but on the other hand,

we are Human after all, and although we may "Live for Art",

we can't live without food.

Build Your Library of Art Resources - magazines are a current & timely way to study art history

The Scripted Landscape is free, but if you also like in-depth art reading by some of the world's best and renowned critics, you might like some of these magazines below.

Magazines are actually pretty exciting for reading about art, because they are usually covering the current exhibitions of the time they are published, so they are great sources for art history research.

Here are a few new and used on the shelves here at The Scripted Landscape:

What was the impetus for The Scripted Landscape?

poetry in words, writing and in placement on the page

The Scripted Landscape is inspired by concrete poetry.

Concrete Poetry is the term for poetry that is written in such a way that the words of the poem

are placed on the page to create shapes or relationships that enhance the meaning of the poem.

The earliest concrete poems was created by Guillaume Apollinaire, who called his poems,

"Calligrammes" (calligraphy meets pictographs).

Concrete Poetry - inspiration for more word placement on the page

Real Books - Good reads on history of conceptual and contemporary art.

Q and A: What contemporary art blogs or magazines do you read? - Let me know some of your favorites and why!

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