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the sharks and crocodiles of the central banks and their idiot minions

Updated on May 6, 2010

The Sharks and Crocodiles of the Central Banks and their Idiot Minions

By Kaleem Raja

May 10

I can’t win at a corrupted table

Of mercenaries who have replaced their hearts

With sacks of money

And fools that ask to be parted with their money.

You say it’s not you,

It’s the law

Never once thinking

That you are consenting accessories to the crime

Of crooks that stalk the corridors of power

That write the laws

That serve their personal interests

While you sleep in your beds

Recovering from the body blows of what should be a free working life,

Reserving your energy

So you can get up again and help the money men make more money

And ensnare you further into the capitalist trap.

You are not important.

You’re a willing victim.

You’re part of the problem.

You’re not ordinary everyday people, but prey.

You are not a martyr but a gormless fool.

Did you ever stop to question

The terms and conditions,

The law chapter and verse

That you spout unthinkly

Was made by greedy grasping money-grabbing megalomaniacs,

That would slit their mother’s throats for a pound,

That work tirelessly to line their pockets

With what they pick pocketed out of the donkey’s sack

That you carry around on your sweaty back,

That steal the food out of your children’s mouths,

And the mouths of their children,

And their children.

You were sold a lie

That robbed your lives of the freedom and wellbeing that you were born into.

You queued up round the block to buy what they sold you, what they told you,

With the money you didn’t have,

You thanked your assailant and served tea and cake to your rapist.

And you did it unthinking, unblinking, unaware,

Never once stopping

To question,


Demand justice,




A freedom of choice,

The right not to be used, not to be abused,

Not to be railroaded,


What am I to do with you who have not the brains to change the inequities

And challenge the status quo?

Your silence and ignorance has spilled into my life,

Has spread weed and disease amongst my garden.

And I am not like you,

Nor want to be, so God help me.

I say no.

Not in my name.

Not on my watch.

Not in my backyard.

And not with my money,

And not with my life,

And nor with the lives of those that I love.

For I know,

Even if you don’t,

That the love of money

Is the root of all evil.


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