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DChance Review The Story About Ping by Majorie Flack and Kurt Wiese

Updated on August 12, 2013

Children's Book

I am guessing that Ping is a duck. The duck from the cover. The duck in question is walking on a wooden plank Japan.(?)

There are many boats in the background of of the calming waters. Also, there is a structure on the land that could be Japanese in origin.

The duck appears to be just a yellow duck. He has nothing special about him.

image from amazon.

Yellow Duck Leaving Home

Ping lives in a boat in the the yangies river.

He lives with is entir family encluding his cousins and his extended family.

The owner of the baout lets them all eat outsid of the boat Then, all of them are to come back inside the baot. However Ping is late to te adn mess the boat.

Along and hungry the duck avoids being seen by after he sleeps the duck goes for a swim. Then, Pin ges oaut by a boy who's family plains to eat him. Howeve, the boy lets him go so the he can returne to his family.

5 Star

The drawing do stay with the writing . I can picture the pictures on the cover going with the book.

The grammar is find.

The story is kind-of disturbing. I wonder what the ducks are used for in the first place.

image: Mine.



Don't leave home without knowing where you are going.

Home is where the heart is.

Stay with the group

Family is important.

You will appreciate people more when you leave then come back to them.


Draw ducks and put them in a row. Which one is the mommy duck and which ones are the baby ducks? Which ones are the cousins?


What other animals stay in groups?

How do you feel about group activities?

Don't leave home without knowing where you are going.

1st Theme

This has to do with kidnapping. The duck didn't know where he was going when he left home.

He walked around. He was duck-napped by someone that could have eaten him.

Ducks migrate together but leaving a flock is not common. A lone duck can be endanger of being attacked by larger animals or humans.

As a human, we need to plan out our route before we leave home. Hotels can be all booked up. Roads could be closed. The wrong road could be taken.

As a human, we have a GPS that helps most of the time. Planning out the journey will hopefully guarantee that you get there in a timely manner. Just getting in a car then leaving might not work. There are many places to see but if you want to find your destination fast a plan must be used.

Home is where the heart is.

2nd Theme

Home is where you feel at home. It may not be your home but it where you are most comfortable.

The duck felt most at home away from his family. However, he found out that it took time away from his family to understand that he felt safe with them.

The duck in the book didn't find a place to belong away from him family. This might be his first try. The first try did not work.

In his heart, he wants to be an individual but he knows that he has to be safe in his own home, too.

New Amazon

What do you think is going to happen to the duck in the book?

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