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The Testatment of a Secret Admirer

Updated on December 16, 2017

To The Girl My Heart Yearns For...

It's taken me ages of mustering courage and the council of sages

To finally pick my strength from the depths of shyness your presence has placed

As I try my best to portray to you the magnitude your seed of admiration has sprung

Please pardon my ways but your love refuses to set free my tongue

I may be very bad in speaking in person to you

And I may even be worse in writing what I feel to you

I've been told to forget you but I can't surmount

It was about the hundredth time before I lost count

Of the number of times I've tried to call you

Or send you a text that I never sent through

I've been in the shadow of your radiance

Trying to be the secret angel of salience

There is immeasurable amount of what I feel

Your ever radiant smile that I ever long to see

The heart aches and depression to see you unhappy

The disgust and anger of hearing someone treat you unfairly

The frustration of not been your support when you can't stand tall

The strength I never had to eliminate them all

I'd give my heart and all to you, forever yours

I'd spend a fortune to get you a wish granting horse

Or go all extremes and break all laws

Do all in my reach to see you happy even if it demands force

Just to see your troubles and sorrows all lost

An assurance I'd use my life to endorse

These words I know not of how they came about

Gives me some sort of strength and ability to sigh aloud

Back to the strange days of daydreaming of a time to be with you I live in

To my little gestures and prayer of absolute happiness for you I keep on believing

But for ever will I remain a mystery

The lover who is unable to stand the sight of your pain and misery

©KKP (Kwame Krakye Poku)


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    • KrakyePoku profile image

      Krakye Omane Poku 2 years ago from Ghana

      Thank you very much. I will surelytake it into consideration

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      How beautiful it feels to be in love with someone. Allow her to see the beauty and love you have for her. Women love poetry that is so full of romance. Beautiful poem.