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The Thread Of Andromeda

Updated on February 20, 2015

My Review

(This is by the author of the book.)

The story opens on the planet Roma. A massive force including large orb spacecraft has just destroyed much of the defense. As the Clins, the evil empire, move towards the planet a sense of distress and a fear of doom are apparent, but life and celebrations go on. It is at a celebration that Admiral Nomolos meets, and soon is smitten by, Admiral Hope Fenster. This romance is soon interrupted by assignments that separate them, Admiral Nomolos and his assistant Neitsnie are sent to a nearby planet to work on a solution to the Clins while Admiral Fenster is assigned to lead a fleet in defencse of Roma.

While on Greeco the team is assisted by Melissa Sue Fenster, a computer specialist. Strange things are developed, such as holographic ships that are to make the Clins fearful of attacking the planet.

The characters have qualities other than their military strengths. David A. Neitsnie is an artist, but signs his work DAN to keep his artist nature secret. Queen Helene of Greeco is a matchmaker, and is determined to get Neirsnie and Melissa together. King Anise and Nomolos both enjoy a game of chess. Later in the book Michael will have a side interest in being a singer and Flint will be a gourmet cook.

The Clins have one ally, the Morgonian pirates, but the capture of an orb and some cunning provide a ruse that turns the Morgonians against the Clins. The fleet was gathering antimatter and used it against the Clins.

One fleet thought to be lost was delayed in its return, and assisted in the destruction of the Clins.

The Clins eventually transform into the Bulbions, a more evil group. Time has passed, and so has the command. Roma is eventually liberated, but time had to pass before a large attack force could be mustered. Admiral Michael Conflagration leads the defense in the final battle to defeat the Bulbions.

Side stories include the pining of Admiral Nomolos for Hope Fenster while Melissa Sue Fenster tries unsuccessfully to interest him in her sister, Fawn. When Hope is rescued everyone is surprised that Fawn Hope Fenster is known as Fawn to her sister, but chose to use Hope in her military assignments.

David is tricked to say he wants to marry Melissa while she is away. When she returns, her computer had been set to voice activation, and she accepts the proposal she sees on her computer screen.

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The Thread Of Andromeda

The Symbolism

The symbolism is in several layers, some designed to be easily grasped, other items require deeper thought.

Nomolos is Solomon, and Neitsnie is Einstein, spelled backwards. This is to indicate the wisdom and genius involved.

The fleeing from Roma to Greeco indicates the beginning of the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Bulbions are the evil empire, and named after Beelzebub.

The Morgonian Pirates are named after Henry Morgan.

The initials R. L. are mentioned, and the person spreading a warning is mentioned as the second R. L. to spread a warning. The original R. L. is Rush Limbaugh.

Melissa Sue Fenster is the computer expert. Fenster is window in German, so her name is M. S. Window.

Michael Conflagration had his ships arranged in the shape of a sword, and represents the archangel Michael dispatching the devil with his fiery sword.

The Chief Cleric Aaron Pierre represents the head of the one religion that evolves after God makes it clear to all who is correct, Christianity or Judaism. Aaron was the first High Priest, and Pierre is Peter, the first Pope. Through tolerance, the title of the religious leader was changed. This is left as an open question, intended to be answered in a sequel if one is ever written.

There is one discrepancy in time of several thousand years. This is because a multitude of religions evacuated to the Andromeda galaxy, and the time keeper used the Hebrew calendar.

The temple of the scales is the Supreme Court. The eleven black robed members are the result of a future corrupt administration increasing the number of justices to manipulate the votes.

The Clins and Bulbions revered the word marshal, but no indication is given why. Figure this one out and you will see the beginning of the descent of the world into evil, and the courageous fight to stop it.

If you post questions on the Guestbook I will answer them.

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About the Author

The author is a real life scientist, and teaches at a community college as a Physics professor. The author has degrees in both physics and mathematics.

While some things in this book may be currently impractical, they could one day be the norm.

Oh, one last thing. The author of the book is the lensmaster, so if you want to contact the author you can.

The Experience of Writing

This book was written a chapter or two at a time, and proved to be a relaxation exercise. As it was written I often did not know the details of where things would go next, but had a general idea. Discovering the details was fun and gave a fulfillment of creativity.


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