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The Top 5 Books to Read Before Throwing a Party

Updated on September 16, 2014

Partying is for EVERYONE!

Every so often you realize that you don't know how to throw a party, you didn't host a party for about 2 years already, or you just want to try new decorations in your dining room. In that case all you need are some good ideas and reminders that you can get from the right books.

Well, what is the hardest part of HOSTING a party? Probably inviting the guests and making the food are the easiest parts... It could be much harder to come up with entertainment and make sure everyone is having a good time. Oh, and of course, another important goal is for you to make a good impression on the guests. Clothing, the way the table is set, and your make up and/or overall appearance would contribute to what your guests think about you. The books reviewed below contain advice and helpful tips on how to be the best party host!

Diane Warner's Big Book of Parties - by Diane Warner

About Book # 1

The book by Diane Warner is the most comprehensive party planning book: it discusses planning all kinds of different parties from theme parties, birthdays, to novelty and business parties. This book has hundreds of ideas for every occasion: Fourth of July, graduations, Halloween, New Year's Eve celebrations, and more! The author tells how to plan an organize a great party for your friends and relatives, starting with guest list and invitations, etiquette, style, menu, budget, and entertainment. There are abundance of information on life even celebration like weddings, retirement, and housewarming parties. The book has a special section on birthday parties, as well as birthdays for children and teens. The book provides useful ideas for unconventional food parties, karaoke parties, block parties and more. The Diane Warner's Big Book of Parties provides an excellent resource for those who wants to throw a great party for any occasion.

Great Games For Great Parties: How to Throw a Perfect Party - by Andrea Campbell

About Book # 2

This book has more than a 100 tips and instructions on party GAMES. Only games. Most people think that party games are for children, but there are a lot of adult games that will get your guests laughing, talking, and most importantly, having a great time! The best game handbook for everyone! This book never fails to entertain with simple, but one-of-a-kind games.

Throw a Great Party: Inspired by Evenings in Paris with Jim Haynes - by Mary Bartlett

About Book # 3

Throw a Great Party: Inspired by evenings in Paris with Jim Haynes clearly shows to the reader that you don't need to hire fancy catering service or to create a perfect space in order to throw an enjoyable party. Jim Haynes, his friends and volunteers are still welcoming people from all over the world every Sunday at Jim's home in Paris for a informal parties that everyone adores. They've been doing this for 30 years already. Good home made food, relaxed atmosphere, fascinating discussions is all you need to have a successful party. The book contains information on how to organize and plan an affordable home-based party with your friends, as well as an abundance of useful, time proven recipes from Jim's kitchen.

The Everything Bachelorette Party Book - by Jennifer Lata Rung and Shelly Hagen

About Book # 4

This book written by Jennifer Lata Rung and Shelly Hagen, experts in party planning and organizing other events. Their book tells about how to plan a perfect bachelorette party for the future bride, what to take into account when scheduling your event, how not to go over your party budget, and how to put together the guest list. They help you decide if it would be a big or a small party, an out of town or a theme party. The book discuss many other details you would need to think about when planning your event, like transportation, meals, presents, and of course, there is a short check list to summarize. So, if you have a bachelorette party to plan, this is the perfect book!

A Guide To Throwing A Makeover Party: Including Foundation, Lip Stick, Eye Shadow, Hair Irons, Facials, Dress Up, Makeover Movie - I know it's a Loooooong Title

by Annabel Audley

About Book # 5

As you can already see, the book's title is a long one, but it does talk in detail about all kind of make up, hair, clothes, and nail care. Here, you can also find the guide to throwing a makeover party with your friends. It is a good reference on how to use lip gloss, eye liner, and other cosmetics. Each chapter describes on how to use different type of makeup, such as creams, foundation, etc. For example, the second chapter discusses facial cosmetics, the third talks about manicures and pedicures, then hair, and clothes. The book has even the chapter on makeup movies as a reference. This is a good book to read before hosting a makeover party.


Which of the books I described in this lens are you most likely to read?

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Or anything else!

Are You Feeling Like Throwing a Party?

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    • JuserTM profile image

      JuserTM 5 years ago

      Very nice lens, great job! Thumbs up!

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 5 years ago

      Sooner or later, yes, and refreshing ideas are always welcome.

    • rallo-smith profile image

      rallo-smith 5 years ago

      I love a good party.