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The Top Graphic Novels On The Web

Updated on November 15, 2012

Top Graphic Novels Of The Web

While working up the nerve to start working on my own Graphic Novel, I joined the forum of Mr. Jason Brubaker over at and I was only a member for a few short weeks before restarting other projects. I have learned so much and awakened much more that had fallen asleep over the past twenty-five years of dormant artwork.

I feel like I owe these guys some publicity and more traffic to their own efforts. There are more than these that I want to showcase too, so keep watching this place, more are on their way!

Copyright Notice: All of this artwork is copyright of the respective owners. I hold no rights to this work, (other than my own art at the left) it is completely for the furthering of these awesome artists careers in this field. Should they complain, I will remove them from this page, but I hope they don't! I owe them so much.

reMIND - by Jason Brubaker


This guy is first and foremost for me. He inspired me to put some of my written stories to graphic novel. His style had to grow on me a bit, but now I am waiting on each and every panel.

I'm not going to put any spoilers here, so I'll not say anything that you couldn't get from his excellent work in the first page or so. It is a story about Sonya and her cat Victuals. Or is it her cat? Read it to find out what happens! Very cool story.

He is put the first issue out a while back and is very close on the next one being ready. He's even putting together a box set of both issues!

Besides that he has some excellent tutorials on his blog/site! Check him out!


Misfile - By Chris Hazelton


I have not ventured into his eighteen published graphic novels, yet. I will be adding a review as soon as start though. Very interesting traditional manga-ish comic style. Looks very promising though and he's a great guy.

Keep an eye out here for more or shoot just go read it for yourself!


How To Draw Graphic Novel Style

Wormworld Saga - By Daniel Lieske

Wormworld Saga
Wormworld Saga

Simply put, a great artist with a great vision and a great presentation. I can't say enough about how I feel about Daniel's work. Of course I can say that about all of these artists!

(I am so far behind!.... sigh)

Anyway, there is nothing I can say that you won't find out for yourself in a quick visit!

Wormworld Saga

In Maps And Legends - artist - Niki Smith, writer - Michael Jasper

In Maps And Legends
In Maps And Legends

Now as for this one being an online comic, they have gone to publish the third issue so they no longer offer the comic online other than for purchase. But I have to say, yet another very gripping style and uses reMIND's style of background texture. I will be purchasing these books as soon as possible!

But, first I would drop by the blog for your first experience with this graphic novel.

From the site: "In Maps & Legends is a 10-issue contemporary fantasy comic with hints of science fiction and steampunk. The comic won the Nov. 2009 competition hosted by DC Comics imprint Zuda Comics, where it ran in 2010 until the Zuda site closed."

In Maps And Legends

Athra - By Nathaniel Sullivan


I have fallen in mad envious love with this guys pen style. I have to use this technique on one of my stories! So dramatic and no color, but it doesn't need it! And another great guy to boot!

Definitely make a stop at this one.


The Details Of Drawing A Graphic Novel

Spy6Teen - Simmons, Keawekane, Moore, Fowler, Kirkbride


Another bunch of talented guys teamed up to make a superhero/super spy graphic novel. All I can say is again, You must go see to appreciate! Another in print comic now, that had to recover from the close of the digital comic mecca, Zune. But, you are in luck, it is still in digital glory! Click through and read on!

Twilight Monk

Twilight Monk
Twilight Monk

These guys just keep them coming and I feel bad for putting them at the end! Another spectacular Graphic Novel. Trent definitely needs some love for this awesome project!

There are many more on the way! Stay tuned and let me know you were here!

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    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 6 years ago

      Really enjoyed my stay here - a squid angel blessing for you -:)

    • sirkeystone lm profile image

      sirkeystone lm 6 years ago

      @moonlitta: Yes it is actually. There are two I really want to add but they are still just projects. One is posted as she get pages finished at deviantart and the other is posted as she needs critiques. Both are fantastic works and I can't wait for them to get more work together. Of course I also have yet to post much of my own, which is a major WIP at this point.

      Thanks for dropping by and keep coming back! (thanks for the angel dust too!)

    • profile image

      moonlitta 6 years ago

      Is it under construction? I can't wait for more! Thanks for getting me acquainted with these, I love them!