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The Void in Me

Updated on September 9, 2017
AkinkunmiAjagbe profile image

Akinkunmi is a enthusiastic about poetry and short stories. He has been writing poems since he was ten but haven't yet published any.

Over my head,there's a roof
And not lacking good food
Water that is dirt-proof
Enough peace to brood
But why does it all feel empty?

Ocean of laughter
And sea of smiles
Friends to talk to
And enough to play with
But why does it all feel empty?

Black hole of loneliness
Drawing all companionship away
Siblings in proximity
And family a-plenty
Buy why does it all feel empty?

You left a trench in my heart
The only thing I need is you!
Come to me and feel the void
Where art thou, Maryam?


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