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The Wednesday Letters

Updated on November 24, 2014
Wednesday Letters
Wednesday Letters

A wonderful book to relax and enjoy.


Imagine writing a letter to your spouse every week for 39 years. In this compelling story by Jason F. Wright, the main characters, Jack and Laurel have had what everyone believed to be the "perfect" marriage. Even in death their love story goes on when they die on the same night in each others arms.

When their three children gather for the funeral they uncover boxes upon boxes of letters that Jack had written to Laurel over the years. As they read the letters they find out secrets from their parents lives that they had never known.

This was one of those books I could not put down. It is a rather short book and I read it in two days time. The author kept me interested throughout the book.

The setting of the book takes place in a very small town in northern Virginia and the descriptions of the area are enough to make you want to go and visit. Jack and Laurel run a B&B in the small Virginia town and you are introduced to an interesting cast of characters both from the townspeople and the people who stay at the B&B. There is a very wealthy widow named A&P (you'll have to read the book to find out why) who lives a short distance away put loves to spend a day or two at the B&B each week. Then there is the B&B manager, Rain, whose parents were said to be the only hippies that lived in the area. The three children, Samantha, Matthew and Malcolm all have their own issues that are woven into the story and you find yourself wrapped up in their lives.

If you are looking for a heartwarming story with plenty of intrique, I highly recommend The Wednesday Letters.

More Books by Jason F Wright

It looks like letters are a common theme with this author. II haven't read any of these books yet but if they are as good as The Wednesday Letters I would recommend reading them. I know I will be putting them on my reading list.

The Wedding Letters (Wednesday Letters)
The Wedding Letters (Wednesday Letters)

This book is about the same family in another generation. The grandchildren of Jack and Laurel.

The Proposal Letter: A bridge novella (Wednesday Letters)
The Proposal Letter: A bridge novella (Wednesday Letters)

This is a short story that you should read after The Wednesday Letters and before The Wedding Letters..

Christmas Jars Reunion
Christmas Jars Reunion

A different type of novel from Jason Wright..


Do you have a favorite series of books you have read? It is fun to read a continued story line. Stop by and leave your comments.

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