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The Wolverine Movie 2013

Updated on June 11, 2014

The Wolverine Movie: One of the best from the summer of 2013. Get it on DVD now!

Summer 2013 will bring us a new movie based on one the the all time most popular comic book characters: The Wolverine

Yes, the character of the Wolverine is back, and while the Wolverine is once again played by actor Hugh Jackman the story is somewhat of a reboot.

The Wolverine movie ignores the previous (dreadful) Wolverine movie, where far too many mutants and a severe lack of "story" resulted in a "fun" movie that lacked any sort of depth whatsoever.

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This version of "The Wolverine" movie satisfies both fans and new viewers alike, since it is all about story and characters.

It is my opinion that this movie could have been better, since it was based on what my be the very best comic book arc in the history of comics (at least in my opinion), and while I thought it could be better -it was still pretty darn good. I bought my Wolverine DVD on the first day of its release and watched it again, and I am sure I will watch it a few more times in the future.

Read on to find out more about this story, check out the Wolverine DVD and find out more about the original run in the famous comic book mini-series.

Get the Wolverine Movie on DVD

The Wolverine (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet)
The Wolverine (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet)

Granted, The Wolverine movie was not as good as the original 1980's run of comic books that told the same basic story (with some differences. But this does not mean it was by any means a "bad" movie.

After a horrible first movie for the Wolverine, the people at Marvel decided to give the character a second movie, which is not so much a sequel as a rebirth of the character. You never need to have seen the fist movie, and in fact it is better if you do not. This movie could have been one of the greats, because of the incredible story it told. Instead it is "JUST" as good as the first and second X-Men movies, which is pretty darn good!


Why the LAST Wolverine Movie failed - Reasons why X-Men Origins: Wolverine Failed but The Wolverine Movie will Succeed

The Wolverine Movie picture
The Wolverine Movie picture

I wouldn't go as far as to call 2009's X-Men origins: Wolverine to be a complete failure. It had its moments, a few good fight scenes and a couple different, decent ideas.

But it was a case of too much. The producers, directors and writers seem to think that if one or two mutants was good they should litter the story with a dozen. Even as a fan of comic books I found this convoluted and sometimes confusing.

It was just a case of too much, a big budget simply drowning out any sort of story. Why would say is not a complete failure, and perhaps worth watching if you never seen it before, and you like comic book movies, it did not even come close to living up to its potential.

Now let's look at 2013's version of the Wolverine - Why the Wolverine Movie will succeed

New Wolverine Movie Picture
New Wolverine Movie Picture

This version of the Wolverine was not given nearly as big of a budget. This means that it cannot be full of eye-popping visual effects, instead has to center on story and character to make its mark.

Perhaps even more importantly they have chosen the right story to tell. They tell a tell of Wolverine from the time he went to Japan. This is a Wolverine who is sad, lonely and outcast.

While the wolverine movie has a villain who has the potential to defeat Wolverine, and there will surely be some great fight scenes, the story is more about the character development of a Wolverine whose falls in love, but in a Romeo and Juliet fashion where he can never have the woman he desires and loves.

Comic book movies, but has potential to be one of the best, showing the comic book movies are not all about flash and special effects, but that they can be stories about people that happen to have some great action and of course... Superpowers

The Wolverine Director: James Mangold

While I think that the writers, and the story to be the most important piece of the successful movie, a bad director can take a good story, great acting and a novel concept and turn it into a steaming pile of dog doo.

Some directors are known just for their spectacular special effects and lack of substance. Other Directors are known for telling "good stories" where plot, acting in a great tale far outweigh special-effects and pop bang action.

Some superhero movies have been known to care more for the former, action over substance. The recent trend in comic book movies though, has been to have both story and action. This idea has shown to good effect in the Avengers movies and the Dark Knight trilogy.

The Director of the Wolverine movie has a long history of being a person who directs movies and have a story. Mangold is a director of the, "story" variety. Look at some of the movies he has directed below and you can see where special-effects and mindnumbing action have never been his forte. He is a man who tells stories, and maybe one of the best choices for the deeply personal "Wolverine" story.

James Mangold's (The Wolverine, Director) previous movies:

NEW Posters for the Wolverine Movie

Check out some of the cool Poster/Art for the Wolverine Movie

The Finishing touches are being put on the Wolverine movie, and even early in the 2013 is starting to become time to get people interested in seeing this, hopefully, summer blockbuster hit.

Along with beginning to release a few Wolverine movie teaser trailers, setting up a Wolverine movie official site and of course the inevitable Wolverine movie Facebook fan page, they've also begun to release a few official movie posters and teaser movie posters. Below are a few of the first release Wolverine movie posters available.

The Wolverine Movie Posters YOU can buy:

The ORIGINAL Story of the WOLVERINE - The Classic 1980's Comic Book "The Wolverine" is based on

Get this wonderful Graphic Novel that the 2013 Wolverine Movie is based on


.I first read this Wolverine graphic novel in comic book form when it was released in the early 1980s, when I was just a boy. It made a huge impression on me at the time, and even though I have read thousands of other books since, as well as quite a few more comic book stories, it is a story that I still remember, because it is such a good one.

A personal tale, this is a story as much about a sad and isolated Wolverine falling in love with a woman he can never have as it is about his epic battles with one of his greatest enemies, the Silver Samurai.

It is not just me. Most Wolverine, X-Men and comic book fans agree that this is one of the greatest Wolverine stories ever told, if not one of the greatest comic book stories ever told.


Wolverine: Back to Japan - A long awaited sequel to the classic "Wolverine" graphic novel (and THE WOLVERINE movie)

Wolverine: Back in Japan
Wolverine: Back in Japan

Whether you have read the original Wolverine graphic novel (above) or are just interested because the movie, "The Wolverine" this story is another personal tell about the Wolverine taking another trip to Tokyo, combating a successor to the Silver Samurai and seeing his young daughter.


Find more cool Wolverine graphic Novels - Can't get enough Wolverine, check out some of these great Wolverine tales

New X-Men Movie in it's original Form - Featuring a lot of WOLVERINE

The new X-Men movie, days of future past, is also based on one of the most classic, iconic and popular comic book movies of all times. Check out the original comic book story, the heavily featured the Wolverine in a bleak and dismal future.

It is hard to tell how much of a role Wolverine will have in this movie, but it is confirmed that he will be part of it.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
X-Men: Days of Future Past

The X-Men get a warning from the future, that a bleak, dystopian future awaits all mutants, in this future world all mutants are either interned in concentration camps or have been murdered. The X-Men must band together to try to stop the events that lead to this this bleak future.


Cast of the Wolverine Movie

Below are the actors who round out the major cast of The Wolverine movie. This story is set in Japan, hence most of the cast being Japanese. Click on any of the pictures to be tanken to the actors IMDB page to find out more.

Wolverine: This story takes place with a sad Wolverine still reeling after the death of Jean Grey. He went to Japan to study marital arts and falls in love with Mariko Yashida.

Shingen Yashida: A martial arts expert, but completely human crime boss of an enormous criminal empire. Also the father of Mariko

Kenuichio Harada / Silver Samurai: Illegitimate son of Shigen Yashida, who is also the mutant Silver Samurai and a mortal and tough enemy for Wolverine

Yukio: An assassin for Shigen. She helps fight against Wolverine, but she is also secretly in love with him.

Mariko: Wolverine's love, beautiful daughter of Shigen, forced to marry another crime boss, in a very unhappy marriage.

Viper: Assassin with ties to both the Silver Samurai and Wolverine



Hiroyuki Sanada - SHINGEN YASHIDA


Rila Fukushima - YUKIO

Svetlana Khodchenkova- VIPER

Did you like X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

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Have you read the WOLVERINE graphic novel/comic book mini series this movie is based on?

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Are you planning on (or have you) seen this new Wolverine Movie?

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What do you think of the upcoming "The Wolverine" Movie? - Sahre your thoughts on the new Wolverine movie

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    • zentao profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Vantis: Hadn't heard about the x-men collapse yet. That sounds awesome. Really looking forward to seeing days of future past, since that was one of my favorite story lines from the comic book series. It is a good time to be a Wolverine fan! I agree!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wolverine is one of my favorite superheroes. Lucky he will be in the Days of Future past and he is getting an other sequel to The Wolverine, and there is an X-Force movie in development, maybe he will be in that one to, and the big surprise: X-Men: Apocalypse 2016... Maybe we will see him in the long rumored Deadpool movie alongside Ryan Reynolds. Soooo we will get plenty of wolverine :)

    • AntonioM23 profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens.Thanks for sharing this info,I realy like Wolverine.


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