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The Tree

Updated on June 8, 2017

I lived in a garden

And there was a tree

Life dwelled around it

Flowers played on its lap

And dew danced on its arms

Sun paid its respect,

Angles bestowed their blessings

I stood there filled with life

For it was what men strive for

And i was a part of it

For the tree was a heart and

There is fire in the sun

There is fire in the flowers

This is the fire of life

There is a fire in me

Once a shadow passed that way and

The garden fell in chaos

For the tree had fallen like a warrior valiant

And it was the death

Flowers cried the tears of blood

Sun mourned the great loss

Dew so jolly perished

And angels held their heads down

As the garden grieved

I stood there still and still and still

As the time healed the wounds of agony

For the tree was a memory blurred

And life was back on its axis

For now I stand not still but suffocated

For now i see,

There is fire in the sun

The is fire in the flowers

This is the fire of life

But there is no fire in me

Mine died with the tree


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    • nicenet profile image

      nicey 6 months ago

      Very interesting. I love poems. I wish the fire in will not die with the tree. Just a wish for myself. Thank you for sharing your thought.