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Chivs86 Poetry-The Age Of Dawn

Updated on August 4, 2013

Chivs86 Poetry -
The Age of Dawn.

They Made Scars
when they showed
the whole world was ours -
for the taking,
& we killed all the Dinosaurs.
as Cavemen-
with an appetite for more
became a danger, through our creation.

Like the Art of war,
painted drawings on the side of cave walls.
We was the work of god
but if they see us then
we was more like Satan's spawn.

In the age of dawn.
Way before we ever found our faith in god,
We were making sure
throughout the ice age
we had enough animal fur.

To keep ourselves warm
find our salvation throughout the snowstorm.
To ride the weather out then to help ensure
our survival.
To fight another day in our cycle's.

We done what we did became savages,
turned our bloodlust towards animals
and if they ever thought that we couldn't
get more ravenous we had families -

that multiplied,
and as the population rose of human kind,
It showed in our feuds and fights
that our violence was at an all time high.

And even though they sent Jesus to try
calm things down
we still crucified him.
To go and blame it
on the Jews for time
but the truth was,
we betrayed him not Judas.

When all he ever wanted
was to tutor us
about Lucifer,
but we removed him.

When he really could of been our Savior.

He really could have been our savior
but we chose not
to take him up
on his offer of saving us.
Now all we have left is a change of heart.

Now it's much to, much to late to start.
We thought we'd got it right
but we got it wrong.
We thought we'd got it right
but we got it wrong
and now we can't go back to the Age of Dawn!

Idea/ Inspiration.

My Poem Age of Dawn, I wrote it about two years ago now to an instrumental beat I received off a CD made by a friend. I never really made a successful song out of the lyrics but, maybe I still will if i can get it to sound how I want. Anyway maybe a year ago and a bit longer, I entered this as a Poem for the UK National Poetry Anthology. I never really expected to hear anything back but, a few months later I got a letter through the post and to my delight I was informed that this piece was chosen as a runner up and with my permission, it would published in one of there annual books. Still haven't came across this book yet so still don't know if they've used this or not, they wanted £20.00 for it, so being the tight git I am I didn't comply.

I would describe this poem as being about our creator getting more than he bargained for.


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