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The dove rose grows

Updated on September 18, 2012
My drawing of two doves and a rose.
My drawing of two doves and a rose. | Source

You read my soul to a dove rose.

The same dove tightens its wings around my heart.

Love in a dove rose.

Cave upon a heart’s gold.

Cavern upon the dark.

That shouts echoes to love.

The dove is thudding its wings upon my heart.

A rose disguised as white feathers that fall.

I think of love within my toes.

The rose comes after my soul.

The dove rose springs up between my toes.

They grow all the way to my nose.

They send me wings to learn after my heart.

Their feathers fall like petals gone cold.

Their single secret strings me slow and old.

From a rose that grows between my toes.

The question comes after my rose.

In the cheek of a rose I see love bend.

My dove rose climbs my toe.

I feel the tender grip of love under my toe.

It is a petal that has pressed its lips from the earth to my toe.

Copyright(c) Shamela 11 / February / 2012


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