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Updated on March 30, 2015

A Prayer For Myself

Give me freedom and give me peace,
Peace of mind, and freedom of spirit;
Let me break my chains and walk in the light,
But also in darkness, without fear.
Let me love myself, without judgement,
And be proud of my perfect parts, but also those broken;
Let me trust myself, even when I falter,
And may I find strength to be true to my own.
May my path find light to displace shadow,
Yet darkness to appreciate its counterpart;
Let me hurt none, and have no fear to be Giving –
Let me freely bestow pieces of myself on those I love,
Let me live without worry of consequence;
Though the road may be long, grant my heart strength;
Let me hold my head high and ride the storms,
And hold my hand out to those who need a friend.
May I find the equivalent when the breakers threaten,
And the courage to fall back on myself if I should find none.

Let me be gentle, but firm in my heart,
That I might be honest with myself, and those around me.
Let me learn to hold onto the strength within me,
No matter the course my life might take.
Let me be true, always, to me – without fear, remorse, or apology,
That I might leave my mark on the world – one worth remembering.

Strangers We Knew

Funny how friendships come and go,
How the unexpected can change the flow;
How tender the threads that bind us together,
Moulted so soon like a fleeting feather.

Forced decisions, a rock and hard place,
Unable to choose, for the look on one’s face,
Sometimes it hurts to have to let go,
Forced by something, a Fate that knows.

Maybe you only have a friend for a season,
Or perhaps as they say, each one for a reason;
Some to trust with your life, or your secrets,
Others to test you; leaving only regrets.

Sometimes as I sit back I’ll wonder why
Inevitable events might sever the ties
Between once great friends, now become foe,
In a world full of strangers we used to know.

Hold My Hand - For The Street Kids

Dirty-faced, eyes pleading and wild,
So few words for a tiny street child.
No money, no food, no shelter;
In the cold to freeze, in heat to swelter.

Parentless, lonely, he’s only five,
Belly torn with hunger, he’s barely alive.
What cruel mother would leave him alone?
Where is his father to hear him moan?

With yellowing eyes he begs and pleads;
He’s done nothing wrong, committed no misdeeds.
So why is he alone, starving to death?
With failing limbs and faltering breath?

Where is his family, to take him home?
What kind of world has left him alone?
He’s hungry, and sick; lonely, and scared,
Fragile, delicate, his growth impaired.

He has never known Love’s embrace,
No mother’s hand will caress his face.
No one will hold him close at night,
No one will tell him it’s all alright.

His parents are gone, consumed by AIDS,
The rest of his family, for the same reason, fades.
Generations claimed, no one is there,
The child has nothing, nobody to care.

His body hurts, his heart even more,
Every inch of his being is ill, and sore.
The reality of the world is harsh, and cold,
There are few to care he’ll never grow old.

It’s no one’s fault, no one to blame,
In the eyes of Death, we’re all the same.
Life is hard; Life doesn’t care,
It’s just one little boy who’s no longer there.

Cold, his body ravaged,
Consumed, his heart savaged,
Starved, his soul hungered,
Delirious, his mind fevered.

Life, for him, has only one mercy,
There is only one way for him to be free.
With the onset of Death, he’ll be terrified,
He’s dehydrated; his tears are cried.

His body gives in, admits defeat,
He curls into a ball, and clutches his feet.
His final words, when he can no longer stand,
“Mommy, I’m scared, please hold my hand…”

Have I Known You Before?

I feel like I’ve known you in a lifetime before,
Like there’s a deeper connection from days of yore;
As though there’s something between us that I can’t quite grasp,
But I’m hesitant to speak, too shy to ask…

Do you remember me, like I remember you?
This connection I’m aware of, do you feel it too?
What is it exactly; can you answer me please?
This strange recognition, these hints that tease?

I don’t understand, and I wish I did,
I feel there’s something I’m missing, something that’s hid;
Like I can see the answer, but my eyes are closed,
Like the knowledge is there, and yet, unknown…

This strangeness of feeling is tormenting me,
Like I’m kept in the dark when I wish I could see;
This feeling of knowing you, comes like a dream,
And I wonder, if I told you, would you know what I mean…?


I woke up one morning and the air was alive;
An ecstatic energy in the grey of the sky.
The embodiment of childhood, wonder and awe;
Here for a day, then disappearing once more.
The stuff of fairytales, the ultimate story;
The crowning moment to an adventurer’s glory;
The home of magic, fantasy and fiction,
A mesmerising fall, a fascinating addiction…
Looking closely, I think you’ll find
Swirling flakes in the eyes and mind
Of a speechless poet, seeking the means
To record this phenomenon as the illusion it seems;
To put into words the dance of the snow
As it follows a rhythm no human can know.



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