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The Door with Different Exits, Going Nowhere

Updated on May 20, 2015

The Door to Nowhere


When I wrote this Hub I was answering, or replying, to the "Door to Nowere" challenge of billybuc (Bill Holland). It took me a while to write but here it is and I hope that Billy and others like it okay.

(Sorry that it took so long Billy but here it is.)

The Door to Nowhere

This is what the door looked like on the inside.
This is what the door looked like on the inside. | Source

Was it really only yesterday?

The apartment had been empty for years but someone had suddenly rented it. It was so recent that I forget when it was – I think it was yesterday. It was a normal apartment: A kitchen, living room, bedroom, closets -and a real tiny laundry room. In the laundry room you had to squeeze a top/bottom, front load washer/dryer beside the washtub. What you usually find in one. The only difference was ‘The Door to Nowhere’. That did not seem to bother this person though.

You might ask, “Why did I call it ‘The Door to Nowhere’?” Read on, you will find out.

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She had a Toy Poodle and normally entered it in dog shows. In 2013 it became a Baltic Winner.
She had a Toy Poodle and normally entered it in dog shows. In 2013 it became a Baltic Winner.
She had a Toy Poodle and normally entered it in dog shows. In 2013 it became a Baltic Winner. | Source

The First Tenant

There was a senior woman who moved to the apartment from one of those cold northern states in which the sun was not warm when it came out. She had blond curly hair and blue eyes with a small poodle to keep her company. One evening when she came home from work and was going to watch the news as usual while dinner cooked, she noticed that her TV was gone.

After noticing a few other valuables missing she immediately phoned the police department and told them that she had been robbed. They took her name and address and ttold her that they would send someone right over. Following her call, the department radioed the two police in that area to go check on it.

About 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door.

“Who is there?” the woman asked.

“The police Mrs. Travers, you just phoned in to the department” one officer answered.

Leaving the chain on, she opened the door slowly, saw two officers, unchained it and let them in. “Come in officers.”

"Good evening Mrs. Travers. I am Officer Hanson and this is Officer Blindwall. Here are our badge numbers if you want to check." Pause. “I do not see a list of items”, said Officer Hanson. Officer Hanson, the senior officer, had short black hair and a relaxed look to his face. Officer Blindwall’s hair was brownish, a little longer than Hanson’s but still regulation and a more serious look.

“No”, she answered, “That is because they did not ask me, they told me that whoever came would ask for it. When I got home – from work – I went to turn on my TV as usual and it was not there. Then I looked around and saw that other things were missing. Here I have made a list.” She handed him a list of the missing items but she had a copy for herself.

Mrs. Travers had been speaking to Officer Hanson, the senior officer.

Blindwall came over and said, “Excuse me sir, the carpet where the TV sat still feels slightly warm. Perhaps this happened recently.”

“That was very good work officer.” Then he turned back to Mrs. Travers, “Do you have a back door to this apartment?”

“Through the kitchen”, she replied.

“We will check if there is any trail out there and be right back.” They opened ‘The Door’ and stepped out. Fifteen minutes later she began to wonder since there was only a small balcony. She looked out the kitchen window and nobody was there. An hour later the phone rang and she was on the phone with the department telling them that she did not know where the officers were. The department was curious because they had not checked in at their usual time.

She told them that the officers went looking for the thief perhaps they were still doing that.

One day she went out onto the balcony to get some warmth from the sun. She never re-entered the apartment.

The landlord had called her three months later for the rent and back rent – to no avail. One day he went to the apartment and knocked. No answer so he went in. The TV was gone and the closet was empty so he figured that she skipped and he put it up for rent again.

This is the kitchen sink for which he had to pay the water. He had one in the bathroom, of course, and also in the tiny laudry room.
This is the kitchen sink for which he had to pay the water. He had one in the bathroom, of course, and also in the tiny laudry room. | Source

Three Months Later:

Someone came to see the apartment. The landlord showed him inside and he looked around and asked about utilities and such. He was told that they are all in the rent except the water. He said that he would take it and the landlord said the lease was downstairs. They went down to sign it so that he – George Ironframe – could move right in.

A few weeks later and George was moved in to the apartment. He did forget to ask about where the back door goes but because it says “Do Not Block, Fire Exit”, and he is not the curious type, he will leave it alone. The movers brought in the rest of the items and he went through everything, unpacking it in order. In seven months he told the landlord that he would be leaving again due to a job offer.

He had recently moved into this residence and it was the perfect size and price for him. Now his current employment was not right so he was searching for a new job. He had found one but the problem was that either he would either have to travel a good distance to the job or move again to live nearer the job. He had decided to move again.

Why do you think people who went out

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Following the rules:

There were several other tenants who lived in that apartment but nobody who had rented it so far was curious enough to try the door and see where it went. They just did not block it with any furniture, boxes or other items.


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    • The Examiner-1 profile imageAUTHOR

      The Examiner-1 

      3 years ago

      Thank you so much for the compliments on it Billy. It was not what I intended to write originaly. I had started it under short story and it only ended up being a flash story. I also appreciate your accepting it after all of this time, I began it and it kept being pushed aside - i thought that it was too late to enter it.

      Have a nice evening. :-)


    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very mysterious....very good job! I'm an avid reader of fiction, and if I'm not hooked immediately I lose interest quickly. You held my interest all the way through. Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge, Kevin.


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