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Life & Other Works of Fiction. Part II

Updated on November 10, 2011

Love comes quick and quiet, not fireworks, or sonnets or long tangled words. It creeps in and takes you by surprise. Thats how it was for him.

It had been some time since the safe return of his umbrella, (which he would now cherish forever as the instrument of his destiny).

That day was like many others, a meal together and walking in the park. He watched her as they walked along, her laughter and giddy joy at the beauty around them drew his heart towards hers.

He watched her transfixed, as she piled up mountains of fallen autumn leaves mere feet from the swing. And as he pushed her, gathering momentum, her long wavy hair, the colour of the of the leaves themselves, flowing behind her as she glided through the air, laughing and smiling as the carefully piled leaves flew in all directions.

So beautiful was her smile and her life, it came to him like a flood. As she swung back towards him, leaves in her hair, he caught her and twirled her around to face him. He gazed at her face, her warm smile and deep brown eyes. He knew in that moment that nothing in his life would ever be quite the same again.

And he gave up his secret, his three word sonnet. And as he said it, she smiled, the most beautiful yet, and they shared a kiss.
One he would feel forever after on his lips, every time he closed his eyes


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