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Life & Other Works of Fiction. Part III

Updated on November 10, 2011

Christmas had always been her favorite holiday, but this, the first ever spent with just those two, excited her more than usual. She had bought him an umbrella stand, amongst other things. A little joke betwixed two lovers, a celebration of their meeting.

She awoke early on Christmas morning, turned to rouse him, but found him gone. Her first instinct that he had gone to sneak a look at Santa's generosity, but then she saw it, a note stuck to his pillow, 'Come Downstairs' its instruction.

She smiled and rose from the bed, eager to discover what lay in wait for her downstairs...
She opened the bedroom door and stepped out into the corridor, to a strange feeling underfoot. Looking down, she realized it was petals, a carpet of rose petals littered the corridor and stairs.

She followed her trail to the end, quietly and slowly, her breath caught in her throat. She followed her trail to the living room door, slightly ajar, she could see something, a glow emanating from inside.
She pushed the door open and saw the room, lit by the Christmas tree...

And Candles. A thousand candles coveried every surface, and in the middle of the room, a box, a huge gift, beautifully wrapped with a tag that read another instruction 'Open Me.'

She looked around, he was nowhere to be seen, she tiptoed towards the box, barely breathing, for fear of waking in bed to find him snoring next to her. But as she reached out to touch the box, it did not disappear, she felt the ribbon between her fingers and pulled.

The box fell open and revealed inside - another box, smaller but still beautifully wrapped. Again inside that one, a box smaller still, and again and again until the floor was covered with tissue and ribbon and boxes of descending size.

Finally she held in her hand the smallest box, the last box, she looked around again, but still no one was there. Her heart stopping, her breath caught in her throat she opened the last box, and inside she found, a folded piece of paper. Confused, she began to read. Its one last instruction......'Turn Around.'

She stopped, her heart leaped to her mouth as she turned slowly, and there merely inches behind her he was. Kneeling, holding in his hand, a piece of jewelry more beautiful than anything she had ever seen.

Overwhelmed as he began to recite the words she had dreamt of hearing her whole life, she began to cry, and as he slipped the ring on to her finger, they embraced. They sank to the floor, and there, amidst candles, and petals, and boxes, and ribbons, and a Christmas Tree. They made love.


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      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      god bless them